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Well, seems like every Apple product gets an upgrade this year.
The changes to the iPod line seem to be overly optimistic. I'm not even sure we will see a 64GB version of the iPod touch this year. I agree with the changes to every Mac product during 2008 though..the speed improvements for desktops and the speed and battery life improvements for notebooks with the new Intel chips are just too good to be ignored.
Yes, we have four official languages while German and French are the dominating languages. I'm a native German speaker and we learn French in school, the ones who speak French learn German. Italian and Romansh are quite unimportant, Apple doesn't even offer language support for the Italian or Romansh speaking people on their Swiss site. You can only choose between French and German...
Thanks a lot, it works fine now. I found the button I need by trying alt on every button on the keyboard. The letter è is not used in Spanish but we use it in French, while é is used in both languages.
I really hope your Macbook Air will be replaced fast.
Hehe, same here.
So, I'm relatively new to the Mac and I've got the a new German QWERTZ Keyboard but now I have to write a spanish text for school. How can I write spanish letters with it, either in Pages or Word? I'm referring to the tilde and the apostrophe. Is there any possibility do do this? Thanks in advance.
http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashb...nshotplus.html I use this widget to make screenshots, works perfectly for me.
I'm pretty sure he knew the market would be bigger. I think he wanted to keep the numbers as simple as possible.
http://www.news.com/8301-10784_3-9733430-7.html (Q1 2007)
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