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Antennagate, Bendgate, now Freegate. When you're #1 there'll always be those who respond to their own insignificance by throwing spitballs. This is not to say that Apple is perfect, or beyond criticism, but simply about proportionality. As someone alluded to earlier, the Internet has a way of turning spitballs into collision-course asteroids.
He's probably still laughing on a beach somewhere. CEOs never pay for their incompetence.
After everyone has jumped down this guy's throat, consider that he might not be blaming so much as explaining. Citing the iPhone and iPad as a kind of shorthand. Haven't many of us here for years trumpeted the iPhone as the Nokia (and everything else) killer? Add in Android and Nokia certainly was done in. As for paper, I'd be curious to know what proportion of total paper volume books, magazines, and newspapers account for as opposed to packaging and other non-reading...
I was among the first to buy the first iPhone. I held it up before the community college class I was teaching and asked how many of them planned to get one. One hand in a class of thirty-two went up. Within two years most students in my classes had them.
When your conclusion is proven wrong, change the facts that supported it. This guy is funny, should call him "Andrew Daisuke."
Is it April Fool's Day, AI?
I like that, Samsung is the Charlie Sheen of phone makers.
Maybe we can finally get back to the way things should be: Samsung making parts for Apple products.
Just thank god it wasn't filed in East Texas. At least in Cali the defendant stands a chance.
Just bought a new Subsru Forester. Was going to wait until the CarPlay was available as Subaru promised, but knowing how they lag in tech, I would have still been waiting in two years. I got the highest level radio/nab unit hoping that a firmware update in the future might be available. A guy can dream can't he? I would even spring for a Pioneer aftermarket unit (Subie says they make their factory units) if it could be hooked up to the internal GPS and antenna.
New Posts  All Forums: