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Snowden: the gift that keeps on giving.
Some kind of collaboration between Apple and Tesla seems plausible. They are close geographically, have DNA of disruptive innovation, and have core competencies that are symbiotic. Perhaps a Tesla "Apple Edition"? Tesla's entry into the 21st century "car for the rest of us."? Affordable but not cheap, small, beautifully designed, elegantly practical,
The power of the charger is key. I use the charger that came with my iPad Air to charge my phone because it's power makes the process MUCH faster. A beefy charger combined with that tiny battery could get the job done in minutes. Any battery experts out there that can discuss a diminishing returns curve on this phenomenon?
Announcement of a beginning sales date should come within the next week or so if Apple is consistent with the lead time on other new products.
I wonder, since the cat is out of the bag anyway, if Apple could get some benefit by sticking a big white logo on these vans? Let people know that Apple is out there doing things in the real world.
My new Subaru top-of-the-line Forester has the world's worst infotainment system. Will be swapping out the unit for an aftermarket CarPlay unit as soon as it's off warranty, or when second or third generation units become available. Though CarPlay is adding wireless functionality, I've heard one owner say the the Lightning cable connected ones are superior in function, if not convenience.
If it was shot entirely on an iPad, they should have said so at the end. Need to toot their own horn a bit more.
So the answer to how Apple will sell the watch becomes clearer. Have boutique stores (standalone and piggyback) handle the heavy lifting on the pricier models, and let the existing Apple Stores handle most of the traffic on the mass market ones. That way, existing stores can be only slightly modified to accomodate the new product. No need to create a crazy lux/everyman ridiculous hybrid.
Soon, Apple will have every bank and credit union signed up. And the same two merchants I use accept it.
Apple sued for agreeing not to poach competitor's employees. Apple sued for poaching competitor's employees. They can't win. Guess they have to agree to poach competitor's, but then fail to do it. Then they're in good with the law.
New Posts  All Forums: