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I disagree that Apple should ignore the competition and rest comfortably on its laurels. Advertising can be a powerful tool. They can use humor to cement the idea in people's heads that iPhone is not only the coolest, but also the best. And that pretenders are just that. Stay hungry, Apple.
You wouldn't, if like me you live in L.A. I thought I was done with his asinine "monkey boy" antics from Seattle. Now he is performing nightly on our local sports news. I'm in hell!
Craigslist works better for me than eBay. It's free, local, and you get top dollar. I tell the buyer to meet me in the lobby of my credit union. This eliminates the possibility of being mugged, and allows me to have the cash checked before handing over the phone. There's also coffee, comfortable couches, and air conditioning! A very pleasant way to do business.
Samesung is up to it's old tricks again. Just saw a full page ad in the L.A. Times comparing a Samsung vacuum cleaner to a Dyson. It's clearly a knock-off, and to make things even worse, they're including (for the same price) a knock-off of Dyson's handheld vacuum! Two for the price of one. Australia, we feel your pain. These guys are shameless.
Now that the psycho Joren Vandersloot was voted off the island, all is safe for Apple female employees there.
A falling tide grounds all boats? Since streaming music is only a corollary business for Apple, this will not be the existential crisis it will be for others.
Until losers are required to pay costs this sort of nonsense will continue.
Simplification can lead to a controller that does many things with one button, none of them particularly well. What works for a mouse may not for a remote.
Patent trolling isn't illegal, just immoral.
Just what do you think a patent troll is? Legality doesn't not make you a patent troll. Buying patents you have no intention of employing in a product, and preventing others from doing so; sitting on it with the only purpose to sue those who infringe is being a patent troll. It is a perversion of the original purpose of patents.Capitalism needs to clean up its act, getting rid of those who game the system while doing nothing to add value. Day trading, patent trolling, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: