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When I first got my iPhone 6, I was struck by the symbiosis of the beautifully polished rounded glass edge, sharpness of the screen images, and their closeness to the surface. I had the profound desire to lick the screen. Remember Steve's comment about the Aqua UI? That lickability came to fruition.
When I was young, back in the 60s and 70s, music was very important to me. I bought a lot of albums and listened to them often on my pretty good home stereo. Now that I'm almost seventy, i rarely listen anymore. Wish I knew why. I still appreciate current music, and buy it on iTunes sometimes. But the idea of sitting down and listening to an entire album is long gone. Has the ubiquity of music undercut its specialness? Has my taste for great fidelity been spoiled by ear...
I suppose minorities could say exactly the same thing regarding cops.
Amen. 😇
Reactions to a quarter that was less dramatic than the previous one may be tempered by preliminary sales figures for the Watch which will have been on sale for over two weeks.
They shouldn't be. Any religious belief system that teaches that those who don't share your particular ideology are fair game for discriminatory treatment should be called out.
Always good. I'm white. But my brother is a cop and my wife used to work in juvenile hall. From what they tell me, law enforcement public servants are quite open in their disdain for minorities, and it informs their treatment of them.
Kinda like the police always do?
Threatens? Once Apple re-launches Beats, which will come pre-loaded on every device they sell and integrated with all the other Appley goodness, Tidal will be just another service. Apple's huge worldwide user base and iTunes music clout will leave Tidal with leftovers for exclusive deals. Enjoy your moment Jayzee.
Once you kiss NASA and other monster federal "sucks" off your budget, Texas becomes the newest third world country. Read your own newspapers:http://www.dallasnews.com/news/politics/headlines/20120805-texas-can-no-longer-complain-that-it-gives-more-than-it-gets-from-federal-government.ece
New Posts  All Forums: