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That can be accomplished simply by mapping Bill Cosby's face onto one's own.
I guess I didn't make my comment as specific as I should have. It was aimed at Apple for not living up to its own DNA of making the complicated simple, not at contributing to the "Saint Steve" meme.Onn the other hand, I hope we haven't gotten to the point where Jobs can never be mentioned in a positive light without the writer being criticized.
It's difficult for some men too. AppleMusic/iTunes/MusicMatch is a redundant confusing mess. It's the kind of mess that if Steve Jobs had seen it on Microsoft he'd have said: "This is something Apple can solve."
PenGate! And social media erupts . . . wait, no it didn't. Oh, that's right, only Apple gets criticism. Others get a pass.
Basically, the only people who can afford to compete are those whose profits come from other products. Their phones become, in effect, loss leaders.
The first Apple stores had a very similar area for video and still cameras. Sony was among the first with FireWire support from which all good things video flowed.
Good luck trying to compete with Apple by grafting non-native technologies onto what has been a fashion accessory with off-the-shelf innards. I can see the flop-sweat on their brow
8 Octa? Seems redundant.
Speaking of tables, while in my local Best Buy I saw that Samesung has a store-within-a-store directly across from Apple's. But instead of copying Apple's tables the way Microsoft has, they went with metal bases reminiscent of an iMac stand. No store employees to be seen in either store. Three customers in the Apple area, none in Samsung's. We have three real Apple stores in the O.C. so not much need here.
Cool! Tim is being possessed by Steve's ghost.
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