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If you want a good laugh, google Samsung Alpha phone. Their newest phone is the iPhone 4! You'd think after all those lawsuits for copying, they'd be more careful. But maybe now that the iPhone 6 is here they think Apple won't care so much if clone old designs. Such hypocrites.
What a ridiculously arrogant statement for the CEO of a wireless company that is notorious for its spotty coverage to make. Fire this guy, AT&T Board'
On the app I got as far as placing the order, then got a screen saying they couldn't contact my carrier (AT&T) but were reserving a phone for me. Got an order number. Said they would contact me by email when ready to proceed. And that I have 24 hours to complete the transaction. Hope this doesn't f-up my 9/19 delivery.
Learning foreign languages while I wait. But it's Apple Store in any language.
First they f**k up the live stream, then the store opening? Steve would have heads rolling big time.
Got to give time for Chinese copycat companies with party juice to ready models.
I thought Path had already been acquired by Google or Facebook? I remember groaning when I heard it, as I was a happy user of Path. I liked being able to limit those who shared my vacation with me to my closest family and friends, not the whole universe of Facebook. Path is opt-in rather than opt-out in that regard.
Just as paper money opened the door for counterfeiters. That someone can figure out a way to abuse a technology is no reason to refuse to move forward. Like everything else on the internet, going forward will be a constant cat-and-mouse game with the anti-social crowd.
Clearly Apple has redefined the entire wearable tech universe, much as they did with phones and tablets. My only qualm is to what extent the watch is usable outside of the range of your iPhone . . . how much of what it does is onboard as opposed to symbiotic. That, and thickness. I look forward to Apple Watch 2.0 which will hopefully be a bit thinner. While Jony did a masterful job of camouflaging its thickness, its bulk is embarrassingly similar to the Samsung watch I've...
New Posts  All Forums: