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Foxconn is getting the full Brazilian. It hurts.
Right you are. Under NVMExpress is says: "This computer doesn't contain any NVMExpress devices. If you installed NVMExpress devices, make sure they are connected properly and powered on." Thanks.
Is this a laptop only enhancement? I recently bought a Retina iMac with a combo SSD/spinning disk drive. Do I get anything out of this new standard?
Finally, a troll gets his cummuppance.
Thank god for the iOS Apple Store. Bought my watch on my iPad while the Store on my iMac was still showing the be back soon screen. Same thing happened last year when I bought my iPhone 6. Too much computer traffic, or by design to encourage iOS use?
Giving the finger to Fox News initiates a rude tweet to the account of whoever is on the screen. Now that would be truly useful.
The problem is on the retailer side all right. Not enough of them. Even those who are officially on board are glacially slow to employ. Apple needs to offer incentives, especially to smaller businesses: underwrite or give them the hardware free.
I will not use it, will avoid merchants who do (and not ApplePay), and will tell them why.
Figure out how much Apple would lose by not selling in Switzerland before December, offer the guy a small percentage of that figure. Or, just wait him out. Apple will have no problem selling Switzerland's share elsewhere. Shortened waiting lists for the rest of us.
Sad that "contributors" have so little to contribute to the discussion. What passes as news in this country has devolved into little more than the TV equivalent of click bait. Reinforce people's prejudices or scare the hell out of them with wall-to-wall doomsday coverage. Discussions consist of pitting two diametrically opposed ideologues against each other who attempt to win by scoring the most points. The theory being that truth will miraculously appear in the collision...
New Posts  All Forums: