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I hope it's an Apple-branded hearing aid--that would be huge. Many of us who were Apple fans from the get-go are entering those delightful years where one's senses are in decline. (You younger readers can ignore this because this will never happen to you—I know this because I was young and immortal not so long ago). I have thought, since the days of the iPod, that those iconic ear buds are the perfect decoy for hearing aids. While the industry is desperately trying to...
For some of us, it wasn't lack of interest, but rather a protest. I respected Steve Jobs. I also like Aaron Sorkin's work a lot. But out of respect for Steve's widow, who refused to cooperate with the making of this film, I chose to forego seeing it during the first three weeks of release, the ones that count when it comes to economic success. I will see it on Netflix, where it will appear sooner rather than later because of what's happened. A price will have been paid for...
Great, ordered online Monday to be the first, with delivery as late at the 4th. Now any shlub can walk into a store and take one home today. Thanks, Apple, for treating your hardcore fans so thoughtlessly. Yeah, I know, can do what fallenjt is doing, but why should I have to go through all that trouble when I played the game to avoid it?
Apple: the company the market consistently punishes for doing well. The better it does, the more it is punished.
Bad news all around. Stock will do its predictable quarterly drop.
Always easier to apologize after than to ask permission before.
Our corporate philosophy: "Mi" take advantage of "You."
Our mall has hired extra security to handle the hundreds of people lined up overnight in hopes of being the first trade in their kludgy and confusing old Macs.
😂 Play it again, Spam.
Amen to this. Got to get small businesses on board. And political candidates and PACs are seriously missing the boat. Several times I've been about ready to contribute to this or that online appeal, only to pull back at the last second for lack of an Pay button on the site.
New Posts  All Forums: