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Why keep giving these jackholes the keys to the kingdom?
Simply sticking the loser in these kind of suits with legal costs will eliminate most of the nuisance variety of them.
From an elegant app that did one thing well, to bloat ware trying to do everything others do better. Will corporate pirates ever learn?
Please move you and your team out of my town. But in fairness, had Steve lived to retire and bought a team, don't you think he'd have them use iPads? Oh, wait, they already would have.
For me the Mail app has been buggy on my iPad Air. After I've read a message the blue Unread dot won't go away. And when I tap a message in the side panel in order to read it on full screen, the side panel won't automatically slide away, I have to swipe it away or tap the message behind it.
Speaking of iOS 8, where is it already? Been trying to update since midnight Pacific Coast Time. Just tried again and it's telling me I'm up to date with iOS7.
If you want a good laugh, google Samsung Alpha phone. Their newest phone is the iPhone 4! You'd think after all those lawsuits for copying, they'd be more careful. But maybe now that the iPhone 6 is here they think Apple won't care so much if clone old designs. Such hypocrites.
What a ridiculously arrogant statement for the CEO of a wireless company that is notorious for its spotty coverage to make. Fire this guy, AT&T Board'
New Posts  All Forums: