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Has anyone been successful in scheduling one of those personal online watch set-up sessions that the email from Apple (to those who got their watches) promised? I've tried numerous times from all devices and keep getting an error message.
Thank you, I had been using the Ship To phone number. Tried the Billing phone number and it worked. Getting Sport tomorrow from Rialto (CA). I live about 45 minutes from there so it will probably ship late tonite or early tomorrow morning. That's why I haven't heard from Apple directly yet.
I was an original Apple Store employee (2001) and I didn't mind having a tag at all. Now, as just a customer I like knowing who is helping me. Our local stores (there are three within my area) are always packed and loud. When I come in and the concierge guy says Paul will help you back by the Genius Bar, it's nice to be able to identify Paul.
I have no particular problem with Gatorguy, but the thread makes me think of Andy Ihnatko of late. He is a regular on the TWIT podcast, MacBreak Weekly, and over the years has evolved into an Andoid apologist. Very annoying, as he used to be a total Mac guy.
Google doesn't need me. I switched my iMac Safari default search to Yahoo a while back and am happy with it.
The latter. Busted­čś│
Just heard today that Norway will be shutting down FM in their country in 2016.
Thank you, Eric.
For companies like Samsung, just keeping a finger in the market is enough since profit is covered by its diversified industries. For Google, it is about driving eyeballs to their real profit center, advertising and selling personal data.
Maybe it's just me, but though I have this enabled on all my devices, I have yet to use it.
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