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I wonder how much of the delay is the result of Dre's big mouth. Loose lips sink deals in Apple world.
Samsung, the leading follower.
Couldn't they have bought them without the company? Oh, wait, maybe after getting them they sell the company to Google or Samsung.
An evangelist named Christ?
Hmm. Guess I failed to apply principles of logic to gossip. Silly me. Coming from the "If it walks like a duck . . ." school of thinking, you can see where I failed.
Dr. Dre has been anything BUT silent. Bragging about being the first hip-hop billionaire. He seems like a very bad fit for Apple's corporate style. That sort of behavior would have killed a deal in Jobs' day.
Whatever happened to his yacht? Did his family keep it? Use it?
I have friends and relatives who really prefer their compact 4s. Hope Apple updates that size format. Maybe an iPhone Nano for those who love a compact but full-featured iOS device.
Going to Japan in three weeks. Reading a book on modern Japanese culture and customs. Says they rate foreigners in order of popularity. English speakers get the most respect, Koreans the least. No surprise this extends to buying preferences.
Sore winner.
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