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You are right, to a degree, but there are limits. When an actor's physical appearance is at too great a difference from a real person he is portraying that the audience has known in their lives, the "willing suspension of disbelief" can be broken. Not so with fictional characters, or real people from the distant past we know only from still pictures or paintings. I am both a techie and a retired acting teacher.
Jeez, I hope his characterization can overcome the absolute lack of verisimilitude of his physical appearance. Maybe they'll fix this in post. 😉
Now if only the law would require the loser to pay all legal costs, most of these trolls would go away. Right now it pays for them to "go fish."
I've heard one guy who has an aftermarket CarPlay unit say he dreads the wireless version, saying that the wired one is more responsive. Important on maps.
Seriously? Apple is secretive about EVERYTHING. You think CarPlay is being developed behind display windows with factory tours just because it is in production?
Existing big automakers are unlikely to buy the entire electronics and control systems as OEM from Apple, or anyone else. Yes, I know they do that with components such as batteries, etc., but this system is too tied in to the brand's DNA. Like the engine. If Apple wants to be the UI of a car, they're either going to have to build one of their own, or partner with a niche player. Hope I'm wrong, but Titan is most likely there to work on those accessories related to cars...
"So last year"? What, do they have a thirteen year-old girl from 1999 handling their Twitter presence?
When will the fact that people upgrade tablets less frequently than phones cease becoming big news to analysts? One word: subsidy.
Snowden: the gift that keeps on giving.
Some kind of collaboration between Apple and Tesla seems plausible. They are close geographically, have DNA of disruptive innovation, and have core competencies that are symbiotic. Perhaps a Tesla "Apple Edition"? Tesla's entry into the 21st century "car for the rest of us."? Affordable but not cheap, small, beautifully designed, elegantly practical,
New Posts  All Forums: