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Since your primary language is German I assume you are Swiss by birth. But your English is so perfect one would think you are an American expat living there. I am Swiss through my Gradfather who was born there—Elsau, near Winterthür. Visited for the second time last year. If I had to live anywhere abroad, I could see myself there. I felt very much at home. Not sure why. Must be cosmic.
Relic: I was very saddened to hear of your situation. I enjoy your posts and hope you can continue to favor us with them as long as you can find a way. I will be reading…and thinking. Hope in my time I can carry on as you are with realism and wit. Peace, sister.
China can be an odd market. They see the Buick as an aspirational brand, while we who make it see it as Granpa's ride.
My two-year old Samsung 58" plasma TV has pale violet 8-inch wide horizontal stripe across the screen whenever there is a white background, LIKE APPLE ADS! I think it's a conspiracy.
For those who don't want to drive a truck to take the kid to soccer practice, iWork definitely competes.
Why, if Apple is going to all the trouble to bring some assembly back to the U.S., would they then contract with a foreign company to do the work? Why not put the profits into American-owned pockets? Are Americans incapable of this task?
Speaking of exotic materials, did anyone else notice that the SIM slot ejection tool has made a reappearance in the iPad Air packaging? But I am guessing it is no longer made out of the "bouncy" metal. It no longer has the flattened surfaces and sharp edges that characterized it—now more like paper clip metal.
Guess it's the least we can do for those from whom we stole the place. We gave Native Americans the gambling concession for essentially the same reason. Justice? Guilt? Take your pick.
Wonder how Gov. Jan feels about Apple's support for anti-discrimination laws for LGBT folks. Guess she can make moral compromises when it comes to taking credit for more jobs.
Mine came fully charged out of the box on Friday. After setting it up and topping off the charge, here I am on Monday morning with 22%. I use it off an on all day. Nearly always by my side to do email, play games, visit websites, etc. probably won't see the charger until I go to bed tonight, three and one half days after last charge. For my fairly constant punctuated usage I'd say this is pretty darned good. Better than my 3 for sure. Your mileage may vary, but hey …
New Posts  All Forums: