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This is rich, Microsoft, who held on to the command line interface while ridiculing Apple GUI, is lecturing us.
Dysamoria: Pro Apple bias on an Apple centric website. Imagine that. Your life must be filled with disappointments. Check out the DNC website; it's filled with liberal bias. Another shocker.
I have two big flat screen TVs, a ten-year-old Panasonic and a three-year-old Samsung. The Panasonic is still going strong; the Samsung developed an un fixable lavender horizontal 8-inch stripe a year ago. It shows up whenever the picture is white. Like Apple ads ironically.
Thin skins. They can dish it out, but they can't take it.
Only if it's no Semite deliveries. But seriously, I don't understand your response.
Wall Street has been taken over by gamblers, touts, and financial criminals. The government is in their pocket. It's one thing to assume risk after due diligence when investing. It's quite another to manipulate the market to create a sure thing. At least Vegas is regulated and everyone knows the odds.
Amen to that, Phil.
I suggested this a few months back on this forum. Just seemed like an obvious move to me. I agree wth several of you: Apple will never make a Patek Philippe quality smart watch, but someone else will partner with Apple to do it. Swatch is not the name Apple would go after. I hear sour grapes in their CEOs musings.
Most texting walkers have the phone at a 45 degree angle downwards. Not sure how much benefit this idea gives to current devices.
Am thinking the leap from camera lenses to wearable band device screesn is the most likely first one.
New Posts  All Forums: