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I wonder sometimes if maybe they're trying to to make it do too much. Maybe trying to do what a fitness band does well, and what a fine timepiece does well will compromise both functions. I am buying one anyway, as cheap a setup as I can get. I'm a guy with a small wrist so will go for the small sport series with whatever band comes with. Just want to find out for myself whether this is (or will become) the next leap forward in personal tech.
Just got rejected at Home Depot when I tried to use Apple Pay. It connected fine, then the card said rejected. Then I used the same actual card the old fashioned way and it took it. Is Home Depot now a part of this revolt?
Handoff is not working between my brand new Retina iMac and my iPad Air. Pages is open on my Pad and shows up at the left end of the dock on my Mac, but when I click on it the pop up window on the Mac says "opening" with its progress bar showing complete, but tt freezes there and doesn't open. Is this related to Bluetooth issues?
Went to my local Walgreens to test out ApplePay and was told "we don't have it yet, don't know when we will.
IF this is true, do you really think anyone who is waiting for the Apple Watch will be persuaded to buy the MS one instead because it comes out a a couple of months sooner? The only measure able effect this could have would be to nudge Apple to announce a firm release date, or perhaps to even start preorders/reservations to coincide with MS's party.
Antennagate, Bendgate, now Freegate. When you're #1 there'll always be those who respond to their own insignificance by throwing spitballs. This is not to say that Apple is perfect, or beyond criticism, but simply about proportionality. As someone alluded to earlier, the Internet has a way of turning spitballs into collision-course asteroids.
He's probably still laughing on a beach somewhere. CEOs never pay for their incompetence.
After everyone has jumped down this guy's throat, consider that he might not be blaming so much as explaining. Citing the iPhone and iPad as a kind of shorthand. Haven't many of us here for years trumpeted the iPhone as the Nokia (and everything else) killer? Add in Android and Nokia certainly was done in. As for paper, I'd be curious to know what proportion of total paper volume books, magazines, and newspapers account for as opposed to packaging and other non-reading...
I was among the first to buy the first iPhone. I held it up before the community college class I was teaching and asked how many of them planned to get one. One hand in a class of thirty-two went up. Within two years most students in my classes had them.
When your conclusion is proven wrong, change the facts that supported it. This guy is funny, should call him "Andrew Daisuke."
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