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Stopped using Touch ID when it started forgetting my prints and I had to redo them three times. Have been told that it has been fixed, but it's just too damn much trouble. Will wait until Apple comes up with a passive form of biometrics that doesn't require so much fiddling. The only thing worth stealing on my phone anyway are passwords, and they're locked up in 1Password. Come to think of it, maybe that's the answer. A lockbox. User decides which functions require Touch...
Gene "Turd in the Punchbowl" Munster.
"The next big thing is here." Apologies (and sympathies) to Samsung.
Sloppy reporting making Apple look bad? Shocker! But I thought it was only new media that did that . . .
Have never had to charge my iPhone in less than 24 hours. Most often I charge it every two days. Granted, I am retired and not constantly texting, playing games, surfing the internet, or checking email, but the phone is never turned off. And I do a some all of those things several times a day. Battery life has never benn an issue for me, and I've owned every model ever made. Wish Apple would confront Samsung head on. Back to the days of "I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC."
I use Apple maps whenever I can, because I hate the Google hegemony. Apple was letter perfect navigating New Zealand by rental car last year. But this year in Japan Apple was worthless to me navigating public transportation. Google Maps was a godsend in getting from place to place by train. Apple can't fix this omission soon enough.
Nothing makes an agency work harder than the threat of an account coming up for review. Having an in-house shop in "competeition" with the outside guys might be kind of brilliant. No need to make threats (repeated threats would lose their impact anyway), because the threat is ever present. It's better than giving part of the account to another agency, because Apple controls it.
Home automation is coming. HomeKit can help it along. But it's not the magic bullet. If Apple can extend and build-out its ecosystem to include common household functions, others may eventually hook into it. The comparison to CarPlay is apt. I suspect the transition will be glacially slow. No one expects you to go out and buy a new HVAC, washing machine, refrigerator, or door locks just to use HomeKit today. But when you do finally need to replace those big-ticket items,...
With such a backlog of dissatisfied iPad owners out there, MS is going to have to hire security to keep order in the lines outside its stores. They've never had to contend with lines before.
What has Ford done after inventing the Model T and Model A? Epic fail.
New Posts  All Forums: