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Companies need to learn that if you play with snakes you will eventually get bit. Anything that asserts its virtue before it's questioned is suspect . . . ("Don't Be Evil"). Kinda like countries that have Democratic and People's in their names are usually autocratic and repressive.
Been listening to MacBreak Weekly for years. But have been getting more and more frustrated with it in last couple of years as Andy Ihnatko and Leo Laporte become more and more Android fans. Used to listen to the MacWorld podcast too until they axed it along with the paper magazine, but have shifted to former host Jason Snell's new Clockwise podcast. Will welcome your new effort.
As you imply, this has been an Apple mantra for decades. Now it's even sweeter when they don't have to worry about profits because they can roll it into logs and heat the new building with it. And still not make a dent in the pile. Reminds me of the old Scrooge McDuck comics where he has a vault the size of a building filled with cash that he can roll in. (As long as the Beagle Brothers don't tunnel in to steal it!)
How long before Android geeks in the Justice Department comes after Apple for monopolistic practices?
Drinking alcohol is legal in all 50 states, but that doesn't give an employee the right to drink on break and return to work reeking of it. Or take prescribed heavy painkillers and be loopy.
Does this mean that instead of creating look-alike and function-alike Photo apps for both iOS and MacOS that Apple is moving to an iCloud web app that both platforms access?
Or, continue doing what I have been which is to click on the web icon on my iPad home screen and read and comment forever with no money going into AIs pocket. A worse way of running a business.
Wish you had also taken readers' advice on offering a pay-once no subscription option. My money remains in my pocket and not yours until this option is offered. I really want to reward you for your work, but not by being shackled to a pay forever plan.
Windows phone among "Other"? Sad, because it is a worthy OS. Will be even better with Windows 10, but maybe too little, too late.
I agree with Paxman. We have become numbed by the enormity of corporate salaries. Especially galling are the truckloads of money paid to execs who show up late in the game, then depart after a ccuple of years, often having failed. It's high stakes nonsense, like the difference between the 5% the real estate agent makes on a modest house in suburbia vs. the 5% earned by the agent who sold Aaron Spelling's widow's house in California a while back. Did the latter agent work...
New Posts  All Forums: