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Apple is the pit into which I keep throwing my money. They don't seem to be suffering from it. White Falcon: have you heard of the marketing concept of loss leader? Music—at least for now.
The auto industry is fat, lazy, and ripe for disruption. Tesla, Apple, Google, and others not even born yet will eat their lunch. Competition, experimentation and innovation among them will drive costs down. The internal combustion engine is a legacy technology that will be marginalized long before the end of this century. Detroit will cling to what brought them to the dance until the bitter end. Those old line companies that survive will struggle to catch up.
Saw it during Emmys. The best conventional ad Apple has ever created. So savvy, so targeted, so effective.
Thank you, I do recall hearing that now. It would have been thoughtful to have included that detail in the app itself so the user is informed.
Tried the new transit feature on maps only to be told such info was not available. I asked for directions from Orange County to the L.A. Coliseum, not exactly an arcane request in a major metropolitan area. What are these directions limited to? Cupertino and NYC?
Wish they'd put some of that attention on iTunes/Music. Tried to help my wife with playlists yesterday and it was worse than trying to use Windows or Word years ago. It's a overly complicated mess that needs sorting out.
How about partnering with a car company that has a Chinese connection? Volvo maybe (Apple is already working maps in Sweden)? Apple is already heavily embedded in China manufacturing and knows the ropes. Chinese cars could benefit fromm Apple's cachet, and Apple could insist on quality. Win win.
P.S. Tried to order using ATT contract option via Apple Store but only the ATT NEXT option available through Apple. Had to buy directly from ATT to get that.
MyATT app on iPad didn't show the "I Agree" check box under Terms so couldn't pull the trigger on my order. Switched to iMac and order for rose 6s 64 went through fine at 8:30 AM PST. Ships 9/24.
Just make sure you preview your shot before sharing it. If you're naked when you shoot, then drop the angle down after shooting, you might be sharing your junk.
New Posts  All Forums: