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This made me smile because years ago I was hired by Apple to be an in-store rep for the roll-out of the Bondi Blue first iMac. When a buyer asked me whether they should get the Best Buy extended warranty, I told them that Apple products were so reliable and that Apple's own warranty was good enough that I thought they should save their money. Not long after the manager approached me and gave me a chewing out. Apparently when asked at the register if they wanted the...
Will current iMacs take advantage of the better standard?
"Sagging" sales? iPads have reached a point of maturity like iMacs. You don't need to run out and buy a new one every refresh cycle. The "sag" is a normalization of purchase cycle.
Sounds a little too precious to me. There's a fine line to walk here, and I hope Apple isn't going too Burberry on us. If it's about ridding us of welded plastic product safes, fine. But row upon row of little white boxes . . . not so much.
M C(ircling the drain) X
Any tactic that cuts off Google's air supply is double-plus good.
Apple prints money: stock goes down. Google wheels out smoke and mirrors: stock goes up. Wall Street hates Apple.
Hey, every time my rooster crows the sun comes up. Guess Unbox Therapy and my rooster can both cause changes.
Yes, and if the Axis had won WWII we'd all be speaking Japanese on the West Coast. Such speculation is idle fun, but probably far off the mark.
Since Apple stopped being a volatile skyrocketing wunderkind some years ago, Wall Street's only interest is in depressing the stock short term to make a few quick bucks on the snap-back.
New Posts  All Forums: