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Seems a bit like lowering the speed limit today, then going back and ticketing those who exceeded it yesterday.
Ah, Social Darwinism is alive and well.Social Security, Medicare, and even the five-day work week were socialist pipe dreams at one time. Call me when the majority of Americans are ready to scrap them.We can, and should, dream of improving the lives of our fellow humans. We may disagree on the best way to do this, but dismissing ideas out of hand is ridiculous.
This is off topic, but this is the most recent watch-related thread and I'd like some feedback. I have been finding "screenshots" of my watch face among several recent collections of photo events. Anyone else noticing this? Any idea why?
I have a Harmony too, that I use to wrangle my various components (TV, TiVo, ATV, Blue-Ray, speaker bar). Mostly I am in TiVo mode so use the TiVo remote (which is the best remote made in my opinion) and resort to the Harmony only to orchestrate shifting to other input devices to my TV. When using ATV I am finding the Remote app on my Watch more convenient than anything else. It's right there on my wrist, no turning over cushions and other sofa detritus looking for loose...
Since she got that for six months, we might project that she will get $166 mil for a full year. At the time I retired I was earning about $100,000 a year, and felt very grateful and privileged to get it. Can we say that her contributions to society are 1,660 times greater than mine? Or yours? A question worth pondering.
I mostly listen to podcasts. Is there any way to create a playlist of them to be stored on my watch?
Using watch since the 24th. Was pleasantly surprised (amazed) to see that distance and heartbeat were both almost dead on agreement with the treadmill at my gym. Whether the Activity app logs something as exercise or activity seems a little uncertain, even when I choose a category in the Workout app. I tried carrying the iPhone while exercising to see if that helps. Jury still out, and I am still testing. Bottom line, I like the watch and am glad I got it. I expect that...
Makes me wonder if Apple will bother with actually repairing watches. May be less hassle and cheaper in the long run to just swap them out and put the bad one in the crushing machine. Unless it's an Edition, in which case the case is melted down and tossed into Aplle's Scrooge McDuck vault with the rest of their gold.
The ATV remote is the worst engineered piece of hardware to ever come out of Apple. It seems purpose-built to generate errors when entering letters and numbers. I am convinced Steve never used it. If he had, he'd have thrown it against a wall and fired those responsible. Good riddance! If used as an exemplar at Apple U, it should be as one of form triumphing over function. A beautiful piece of shit.
Could they purposefully (but surreptitiously) tank their own stock? Like putting out a stinker product or start a rumor that they are about to be indicted. When the value is that of a penny stock, buy it all up, then resume their money-making ways. %uD83D%uDE04
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