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My blood ran cold this morning when I saw "Ireland quoted you in a post" in my email list.
"Yo"? Rocket crashes must have effected his brain; he thinks he's Justn Bieber.
My horse tried to swallow it.
One more good reason for Apple to continue shifting its chip suppliers. No need to keep Sasung profitable. Make them beg.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
Microsoft stores were such a shameless copy of Apple's concept that it gladdens my heart every time I walk by the empty one at South Coast Plaza on my way home after visiting the packed Apple Store there. Such unconscionable rip-offs cry out for karmic retribution. Nearly opposite the M/S store is a Sony store that actually predates the Apple one. It always has people in it, not crowded, but active. Sony has a good variety of products to showcase. Microsoft will keep...
He was being interviewed the other day about the VW scandal and managed to work in a completely off-topic shot at Hillary Clinton. Whether you like her or not, it was a dick move. Lutz is a putz.
What's telling is that they still don't get it: it's the software, stupid. Apple's iPad Pro is a tablet, with software built for a tablet. The Slate is a desktop OS grafted to a mobile OS. Frankenputer.
Mine does, you better check your settings.
Normally my OS X upgrades happen flawlessly. I have had nothing but problems this time:   Instead of opening up after install, I got a black screen with my cursor visible and operational, but nothing else. Did manual (power button) shut down, but ended up in the same place. Called AppleCare and was sold to do a safe boot up and this time it installed and opened. But when I tried to move windows around the screen, I got flashing ghost images, and the icons in the dock...
New Posts  All Forums: