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Did you not know about the joint venture with IBM?http://www.apple.com/business/mobile-enterprise-apps/
Holy crow! Sure would like to see a breakdown of the specific sources of that income. Software, hardware, services? Mobile, desktop?
Nice update except for one thing, no variable text size. I love notes, but when I pull out my phone at the gym to see how much weight for each machine I have to pull out my glasses to read it. Tried bolding, but that's not enough. Could try Headers I guess, but that seems awkward. Tried the universal text slider in Accessibility settings, but apparently Apple has not coded its own app to respond to it. Next update, test size please.
Next model of the Samsung phone will sport an A9 clone.
And it did. Utterly predictable. For Apple, no good deed goes unpunished.
If you live in or near a major metropolitan area in the U.S., you'll get the most money (almost double what these places offer) for the least hassle on Craigslist. It's free. Arrange to meet buyer at your credit union or bank for security and to have cash checked for counterfeit. Been doing this every iPhone cycle for years.
Uh-oh, Victor is back to using the "Whispamaphone" (Dr. Seuss). Thought you had fixed the problem of normalizing the three mics.
When I first glanced at the headline I thought the Pope was delaying his visit in NYC to take delivery of an iPhone 6s. What model would he choose, posters?
Apple is the pit into which I keep throwing my money. They don't seem to be suffering from it. White Falcon: have you heard of the marketing concept of loss leader? Music—at least for now.
The auto industry is fat, lazy, and ripe for disruption. Tesla, Apple, Google, and others not even born yet will eat their lunch. Competition, experimentation and innovation among them will drive costs down. The internal combustion engine is a legacy technology that will be marginalized long before the end of this century. Detroit will cling to what brought them to the dance until the bitter end. Those old line companies that survive will struggle to catch up.
New Posts  All Forums: