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Apart from sales opportunities, any reduction in China's leverage over Apple is a welcome development.
Still having trouble at Home Depot. Used the live checkout clerk because self check out doesn't to ApplePay. Checker said, yes, we take ApplePay, but we couldn't get the terminal to take it using either the watch or phone.
Yes and no. Developers don't, but the keynote is outward facing. Excerpts will be widely broadcast and posted. This is Apple's mid-year big event.
I miss the name badges. It's nice to know who you're talking to.
What's the female version of a black mock turtleneck, 501's, and grey New Balance sneaks?
I have been complaining about this for weeks, by PM to AI, on these boards, and in my app review on the store. It never gets any better. For the first time this morning, after starting to listen, and the guy talking about Metaior (sp?) came on and was inaudible, I just turned it off and switched over to the Clockwise podcast which was loud and clear.Either they can't do anything about this, or they just don't care. Until they fix it I'm just going to rely on reading AI...
Wonder if they had to revisit their agreement with Apple Records now that they are using that name directly for music.
And yet every Apple oriented podcast I listen to (MacBreak, AI, Clockwise, etc.) will continue their relentless drumbeat of how awful it is. Mine sits innocuously amongst my entertainment devices, doing its job when called upon relatively painlessly. It's not the greatest device, but it does the job without making me crazy. Apple fans are spoiled. Unless every device is miles ahead of the competition they judge it a fail. Sometimes good enough is good enough. Apple's...
I got apps that just showed up, and I don't recognize them. When I touch them, nothing happens. What's up with that?
Today, Apple has acknowledged that all the rumors are true and they are canceling the WWDC Keynote address as there is nothing new to talk about.
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