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Fitting and just. But I would be a little surprised if Steve hadn't made his wishes known in this regard. If he said "Don't name it after me," should the family overrule?
Toured central Japan last year. Yokohama was the worst place we visited. The Jersey City of Japan. Dirty, graffiti-ridden, industrial port city. Not where I'd want to live if posted to Japan. So many beautiful and inspiring places to live there. Why this place?
Good analysis, zoe. The first time or two I used it, I actually did catch myself pushing on the fingerprint graphic on the screen instead if the home button. And I'm not a complete idiot. Something about the pressure of the moment, with other shoppers in line behind you, etc. Once I used it correctly this ceased to be an issue. An arrow pointing down is a good cheap solution. A flashing light around the home button woul be the expensive one. I've noticed that I don't have...
I use it whenever I can, and find that I am lured to stores and make purchases I otherwise wouldn't because of both the novelty factor, and because as an Apple stockholder I feel it's in my self-interest. In addition, I do it because it's one less port left open to steal my identity. Merchants and corporations need to know this-- how about a commercial aimed at them that depicts this phenomenon?
Back in the day when Apple was "beleaguered" and I was a member of Guy Kawasaki's Apple EvangeList, this is exactly the kind of guerrilla marketing that Apple fostered. Let the pirate flag wave once again!
Sure would like arrow keys on my iOS screen keyboards.
I don't know why, but I love that catchy little tune that plays behind the videos. Is it some royalty-free ditty from the Internet? There's just something very light, nay optimistic, about it. Could be an Apple commercial!
Think of it this way, we Yanks are just guinea pigs for the perfected devices and services you will get. 😳
One man's "walled garden" is another man's well-oiled machine. I'm looking forward to changing channels on my wrist.
Apple has its own cachet, Google has to borrow theirs from others.
New Posts  All Forums: