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Short term tock price of AAPL (and most powerful companies) has less to do with the company and more to do with the market. If you want to make money on a solid company like Apple, immerse yourself in it like many who post here do. Then invest for the long haul. You make the big money over decades, not day trading.
Is crack legal in The UK now?
They should be looking for actors, not stars. With Aaron Sorkin's name on it, you got enough star-power to give this film a high profile. Chasing celebrities to try and increase audience is foolish. People who would see this fim because the latest pop phenom is in it will be very disappointed. They should market it as an independent film and cast great working actors who may be unknown now, but will have a chance to become better known as a result of this quality writing.
Things that make you go, "Hmmm." Are they hinting that part of the settlement involved resumption of sales of Bose in exchange for dropping their patent infringement?
The hand points to the moon; the fool stares at the finger.
Had my 6 from day one, no screen protector, Product [RED] silicone case, no scratches. And I play air hockey with it. Okay, the last part was a lie.
Tort lawyer driven BS. Class action lawsuit in five, four, three . . .
Apple is the only company to reach a point where "failure" means they only drank 9/10ths of Samsung and Google's milkshake.
Apple eats puppies.
Who said anything about badgering? Oh, YOU did.I simply ask if they take ApplePay yet, and if they say no I use my card. Not all $9 an hour cashiers are brain dead and the word goes up the chain if enough people ask.. You seem mighty presumptuous.
New Posts  All Forums: