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Where's Ireland? Wasn't he a big OLED fan? Time for a victory lap.
And Coca-Cola didn't invent the letters C, O, A, and L (or the hyphen) so the world is free to use it for any purpose.We'e been down this road before. Many times. Reductio ad absurdum anyone?
Would love to hear what the numbers are in terms of how many chose Apple or PC.
Google, giving away the intellectual property of others for FREEEE. (Yeah, I know, Apple didn't invent the cloud . . . )
I want to watch Siri and Cortana "work" together. 😛
It's possibly a good move for Microsoft. Enterprise was once the equal partner with consumer products in their overall game plan. As the consumer side shrinks under Apple pressure, enterprise is becoming their main tent pole. BB, for all its woes, continues to maintain a foothold in enterprise. This move, with its patent acquisition, bolsters MS in the mobile business arena. Remember that Apple is partnered with IBM to produce enterprise mobile apps, a move the MS may feel...
It's not about whether the hardware is ABLE to work with Pay, it's whether the corporation behind it is willing to give up all that consumer data that they are used to harvesting.
Right. It shows up in the Passport app looking like a card.
Smart move on Apple's part. Agree with rogifan, people don't want smart TVs. As Yakov Smirnov used to say, "In Russia, TV watches you!"
You cannot pay directly with Pay. You can only load your Starbucks Card using Pay. 
New Posts  All Forums: