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About the time it won't be safe for me to drive anymore (about 10 years?) I had been hoping self-driving cars would be available at a reasonable price. Now, at least, I may not have to give Google my money. Seriously, if Apple makes a car, I'm buying it. A logical progression: as I've gotten older my disposable income has increased to the point that buying every new thing Apple comes out with is doable. Now even a car could be part of my Apple hobby. I've said here before...
Makes sense. Another reason why I despair over the future of a country so firmly in the grip of a class of people who make money not by adding real value, but just gaming the system. If we had any balls we would take to the streets to demand an end to this kind of freeloading. Welfare fraud is penny ante compared to this legal thievery.
If this were any other company making these kinds of profits, the price of its stock would be in Berkshire-Hathaway territory. The real "Apple Tax" is the perennial discount the market applies to Apple. I used to attribute this to the large number of haters (Windows-using corporate types), but with everyone with money having an iPhone in their pocket, where is this prejudice coming from now? I don't get it. Thoughts?
Munster's meme. You'd think he'd be embarrassed to e even bring it up any more. All it gets is a chuckle.
That's exactly what's happening to me. I'm not "holding it wrong," people. There is an actual issue for some of us.
Really? Isn't that like saying that mineral companies SHOULD be doing strip mining, and subsistence farmers SHOULD be practicing slash-and-burn? That short-term benefit outweighs long-term consequences?
Or, his plan B is to liquidate the company's assets and distribute them to shareholders.
It doesn't work, even after updating my Starbuck's app. App freezes at the point of selecting ApplePay to reload card.
Off topic, but I saw "Still Alice" last night and it was not only a tour de force of Apple product placement, but MacBooks and iPhones were practically characters in the story. Even the OS was prominently demonstrated. The only off-note: Skype instead of FaceTime.
Why doesn't Corning just make sapphire? Is there some kind of law that limits them to sand? Diversification can be a good thing. And with their muscle they could drive smaller competitors out.
New Posts  All Forums: