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For companies like Samsung, just keeping a finger in the market is enough since profit is covered by its diversified industries. For Google, it is about driving eyeballs to their real profit center, advertising and selling personal data.
Maybe it's just me, but though I have this enabled on all my devices, I have yet to use it.
Now, if Cook would do what the CEO of Gravity just did, that would be earth shaking. Apple has made billionaires out of who knows how many top people. More money than they can spend in several lifetimes. So much money that they often choose to give it away. Why not increase the salaries of their employees who CAN spend it in their own lifetimes--who could easily spend that increase each month in fact, just to live. That would be truly disruptive.
Take back all the iPads, pay them for their current market value (see Gazelle), then refurbish them and donate them to poor school districts who will appreciate them. Write off the loss/donation.
Let the good schadenfreude times roll. That do no evil thing was cute when Google was being run out of a garage. But out here with the big kids it's just silly. No one has taken that seriously for years. Time to rejigger it. Any clever re-writes fellow AIers?
I had one of the first iPhones. I held it up in front of my community college class and asked how many of them would be getting one. No hands went up. By the time I retired in 2009 the iPhone was the most popular brand in my classes. They don't know what they want until they want it.
Waiting for mine. Will sell it on Craig's List as soon as 2.0 comes out (if I find the Watch compelling).
Foxconn is getting the full Brazilian. It hurts.
Right you are. Under NVMExpress is says: "This computer doesn't contain any NVMExpress devices. If you installed NVMExpress devices, make sure they are connected properly and powered on." Thanks.
Is this a laptop only enhancement? I recently bought a Retina iMac with a combo SSD/spinning disk drive. Do I get anything out of this new standard?
New Posts  All Forums: