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Ditto. Many high quality sound bars, that many use in place of feeble built-in TV speakers, use optical audio inputs. I was all set to buy the new TV until I heard this. My wires are buried in the wall so replacing optical with something else is a no go.
You got me there. No. But I think many people who could do this, don't.
Why anyone would leave money on the table by selling any iOS device to a middle man is beyond me. I have sold every replaced device on Craig's List and gotten about double what Gazelle or anyone else offers. I check Craig's to find the going price, list it competitively, and it sells within a few days. I tell the buyer to meet me at a local branch of my credit union. This avoids being robbed, and I can have the teller check the cash for counterfeit before turning over the...
I'm sorry. I guess I wasn't very clear. I was not criticizing the effectiveness of the ads from a business aspect. I was criticizing this one from a moral aspect. Travolta is a major apologist for Scientology, a cult and criminal enterprise of the first order. Tim Cook has taken the lead on moral issues regarding fairness for LGBT and on green issues. If some part of the spectrum of Apple users is ignorant of Scientology, Tim should enlighten them.Would it be okay for...
Is Brean smoking crack? Since when have increased sales and high profit margins driven AAPL anywhere but down? Apple stock rises independent of traditional good news.
John Travolta? Come on, Apple. A wooden Drake on stage is one thing, but giving this freak any association with you is just crazy. Who's in charge over there these days?
TMZ: "Jay Z's beef with Tim XX resulted in a shooting outside popular SF club Streamy. Sources say someone in Tim's entourage got all up the face of Jay's main boy. Someone started swinging until shots rang out and both crews scattered as cops arrived." Apple all gangsta now. Thanks Beats.
Don't put the stylus in the Note the wrong way or it won't come out without breaking the phone. Bad design, insufficient testing.
Took it off before Stand Up Paddleboarding today. Just didn't want to take a chance.
If it's not waterproof, it offers nothing I need for my watch.
New Posts  All Forums: