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The sooner we stop edifying a treasonous movement, the better. The South was wrong, period. Most of those who fought for the South were not evil, just on the wrong side of history. Their resting places should be respected, but not used to glorify the cause of a State's right to enslave other humans. The signs and symbols of this sad history have a rightful place: in museums. Not in your face.
Thanks so much—very informative. I hoped that Kenwood had some kind of ability to just plug into the car's system, but from your info it seems unlikely.
What I want to know is how this unit handles the GPS that is already in my 2015 car. Love to use Apple Maps, but am told the GPS antenna that comes in cars is much more accurate than the one in the phone. I also have a premium system that came with a Harmon-Kardon amp under the seat. Hope that can be used with the Kenwood too.
I wonder how much this play is costing. If it's minimal, why not? But I suspect minimal would not be worth it to Liquidmetal.
Good thing this didn't happen in Europe. The EU would have heavily fined Apple and banned Siri.
Making potential friends out of potential enemies, always a good idea. Doing it quickly, like treating cancer, yields the best result. Apple takes the momentary pain of being perceived as weak, but avoids protracted bad press. Now the ball is in Taylor's court. Will she continue to withhold her album and look like a spoiled child? Or cave and reciprocate?
Was referring to Anton Newcomb, not Ms. Swift.
I respect Ms. Swift as a music cum celebrity business-person. And her music is riding the current pop wave. Whether she has staying power remains to be seen. Will her songs be as timeless as Paul McCartney? Few are.  But I've never really liked her, and I don't know why. There is just something about her that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's because I really believe her actual artistic talents are pretty limited, and resent the way she is grotesquely rewarded for them....
Doesn't pay to **** with Apple. Ask Gizmodo.
Who is this Taylor guy?
New Posts  All Forums: