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Although others here often say Apple is just another soul-less corporation, I have always disagreed. This is a good example of corporate soul. Money is important, but other things matter too. Makes me feel that my Apple fanboyism isn't totally unwarranted.
Rolled my eyes when I saw I had to find a support downloads page. When I got to my iMac I was pleasantly surprised to find the AirPort Utility window already open with a red badge (1) showing on the icon for my AirPort Extreme. Clicked on it and the little pop up window showed update pending. Clicked that and it updated. No muss, no fuss, no hunting down web pages. Nice anticipation of my needs, Apple.
Install a sound proof phone booth. Or, issue sound proof helmets with built-in headphones and mic. Jack in your phone and talk yourself silly. /s/
P-s-s-s-t, David. Apple's success stems from serving customers, not investors. You must be confusing it with some other tech company.
Holding my breath until Judge Lucy vacates the judgement because Samsung filed a motion asking her to.
I hate to say it, but I have turned off finger scan on my 5s. It worked fine when I set it up, but over the course a week or so it began to degrade in effectiveness. I had scanned three different fingers, and at first using an alternate finger helped, but eventually all failed and I had to resort to my code nearly every time. So, I started over and re-scanned all my fingers. Everything worked fine for a few days, but then the same thing happened. It seemed to start...
When does Google's business plan of giving away free what everyone else is selling become "dumping," which is illegal?
Does Apple make these? If so, where do they sell them?
Apple's finger points to the moon; the stock analysts stare at the finger.
What happened to Stores? Old version had a prominent button to take you to your local Apple Store for Genius Bar appointment, etc. Couldn't even find it on search. Many non- intuitive interface features such as no indication that you should swipe the product menu at the top for more choices (an arrow head or ellipsis, nothing.) When you drill down there's no way to get back to the home page. Minimalism in the service of minimalism. I hate this app. Thank god the old one is...
New Posts  All Forums: