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What's the problem? Manipulating AAPL is the national sport.
When Apple gets into the screen and memory chip making business, that may become true. Until the do, they aren't.
When you steal a mobile OS and give it away free, ya gotta make money somehow. Jeez.
Clock faces are skeuomorphic, digital readouts are not. Which do you find easier to quickly tell time? Both have their place.
Stock manipulator extraordinaire. "Why, I can smile … and murder while I smile." Richard III.
Apple going back to what the Surface started as? A big-ass table of a tablet? iPad Easel. Not now, not yet. Touch will come to notebooks before iPad gets bigger.
And we are to believe a company that lied about its stealing until convicted of it? Samsung has damaged its credibility.
I get strange "reframing" of some apps when I first open them on my iPad. Words With Friends for example. Don't know if that is an app or iOS issue, but would like to see it cleaned up. Also have had a couple of demi-crashes where the screen will go to black with the white apple in the center, then quickly recover. Odd. Never happened in iOS 6.
Yes, there IS a limit to the number of angels that can stand on the head of a pin! Those who say otherwise are HERETICS!
New Posts  All Forums: