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Apple did the right thing by Swiss National Railways vis-a-vis their clock face design. So much for honorable behavior.
Before iPhone, people wanted bigger batteries and memory cards. This is why Apple doesn't use focus groups to decide what technology to develop.
I think it's a fair question to ask whether one aspect of a leader's style is advantageous or disadvantageous to a company. Asking it certainly doesn't warrant insulting responses.
Is it me, or is Tim Cook suddenly everywhere? Steve made so few appearances, that when he did show up it was big news, and the rest of the time his reclusivity contributed to Apple's mystique. Not sure this change is a net loss or gain for Apple.
Good idea, but backwards. They've got to give the free test drive BEFORE customer uses an iPhone.
Oh god, hope this doesn't mean an "Apple Edition" and "Google Edition" Mercedes, like Jeep does with L.L. Bean. I can see it now, silver apple on the steering wheel and Burberry upholstery. Maybe rose gold metal trim?
You snooze, you lose. Let's hope they dreamed up a killer product while sleeping.
Is pronounced "Crummy" in some countries.
Wait . . . what? Based on recent posts I thought Aussie government and banks hated Apple.
My standard aluminum Sport is fine, "logo intacta." Been wearing it full time since release day. Sounds like some kind of chemical interaction between the paint and the anodization.
New Posts  All Forums: