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You make a lot of sense. But I, nonetheless, remain disturbed when I hear a Putin spokesman speaking in the same terms about Estonia and the other Baltic states as you do about Crimea and the eastern Ukraine. Should the west simply turn them over to avoid bloodshed? I know it's an oversimplification, but the protection of ethnic Germans in Poland and Czechoslovakia was a tune played once before by another who wanted to return his country to its "rightful" place in the...
Alaska was purchased, not seized or annexed, from Imperial Russia so is not an apt analogy. Hawaii was, in my opinion, annexed by highly questionable means, at a time when the U.S. ill-advisedly mirroring the Imperial tendencies of old-world powers such as Russia. If Hawaiians voted to secede from the U.S. I would support them. But I doubt they will. Had an election been held by the U.N. or other neutral body, would a majority of Crimeans have voted to re-join Russia? Not...
Thank you for this interesting perspective. But I still question how it is that a piece of territory separated from Russia by another country was "always" Russian. I suspect others lived there before ethnic Russians arrived.
If you haven't seen PBS's "Frontline" this week, check it out. An excellent profile of Putin's rise to power in all it's scary detail. A must-see for anyone who is seriously interested in world affairs.
Agree. This guy is head and shoulders when it comes to dialogue and thematic elements. He writes up to the audience instead of down to it. He writes for college-educated adults, which is why many don't like him. My only quibble; the content is so rich and dense and comes at you so fast. Thank god for TiVo reverse.
I agree with the intention of the new policy, but hope that it is somewhat flexible. If applied too rigidly it could stifle honest disagreement and debate. I also find the part about noting typos odd. How about providing a readily available button to make such a comment more convenient. At any rate, I much prefer this approach to that of CNN who just eliminated the comments section altogether rather than bother to curate out the garbage.
Sometimes they actually get it very right. Many set decorators actually lived through these periods and know first hand what is right and what is not. Let's hope that is the case this time.
I hope it's a typo an they meant mag.
I thought it was subsumed by MacWorld years ago.
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