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Simplification can lead to a controller that does many things with one button, none of them particularly well. What works for a mouse may not for a remote.
Patent trolling isn't illegal, just immoral.
Just what do you think a patent troll is? Legality doesn't not make you a patent troll. Buying patents you have no intention of employing in a product, and preventing others from doing so; sitting on it with the only purpose to sue those who infringe is being a patent troll. It is a perversion of the original purpose of patents.Capitalism needs to clean up its act, getting rid of those who game the system while doing nothing to add value. Day trading, patent trolling, etc.
Death to patent trolls.
The ATV remote is the worst remote of all small TV streaming devices (Roku, Chrome, etc.)--maybe the worst remote of any kind. It's a great example of a good idea gone wrong. First of all, it is ergonomically deficient. Every time I use it I ask myself, "Did the people who designed/approved this thing use it on a daily basis?" The selector ring is so indistinct from the surrounding surface and center button that at least a third of the time I make an incorrect selection....
Did you read past the headline? Apple helped those non-iPhone buying third world countries by magnitudes. Why make Apple sound self-serving when clearly they're not?
It's a nice gesture, but it's enough. Countries like the Philippines and Haiti need help to a much higher level than economic powerhouses like China.
Me too. I thought hardware was being de-emphasized. Maybe they should just re-brand them as X-box Stores.
That's the first thing I thought too. I think it was Huawei servers that were accused of having a back door that would allow the Chinese military to snoop. The head of Huawei is a Chinese military officer. A General, I think.
The last truly easy to use draw app was MacDraw. It lacked a lot of features, but was intuitive and allowed me to do floor plans as a scenery designer without reading a thick manual or taking classes. It got better over the years until Apple stopped supporting it. Pity. I have tried all the substitutes that people recommend, including this one, but all leave me frustrated and longing for the ease of use and simplicity of the original. Sometimes all you want is straight...
New Posts  All Forums: