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For all the hand-wringing about the disappointing sales of the 5C, I see it in the hands of lots of kids. I know that's what I bought for a kid I manage. Others in my family have done the same. Much less risky for butter-fingered younger users.
FINALLY, I am getting all damp in the panties about this. Can't wait to have it in my new car this year.
Am buying new SUV this year. Was pretty much down to Subaru Forrester and Mercedes GLK. despie the price difference, this would tilt the scale towards MB.
How do I keep my old free app? Your "offer" has taken control of it, offering me no option but to click to accept a "free" one month trial subscription. How do I dismiss this screen control and continue using it as is?
Amen to that. To those who say how could all those analysts be colluding: not necessary. All the big players (including analysts) know the game, they don't have to get together and put in writing any more than a shortstop needs to meet with the first baseman before throwing the ball. They all just react, knowing the average investor will be thrown out while they win the game.
So easy to manipulate AAPL, overestimate sales, short the stock, make money when price falls due to failure to meet unrealistic expectations. This happens over and over.
If one doesn't put any stock in perception then I guess everything is just fine as it is for Apple. But I think image IS important. I was not attacking Apple or calling for them to release junk. But it has been a while since they diversified from desktop/laptop computers into mobile/handhelds. The world doesn't stand still. I want them to succeed, but I don't think phones/tablets are enough for it to continue being the leader they should be. Google seems committed to...
It bothers me that every other day I read about some new Google innovation (Glasses, smart contact lenses, floating stores, etc.). Granted, some of these things may be silly or dead ends, but they do capture newsprint and more importantly, mindshare. Deserved or not, the general public gets the message that Google is the future while Apple is left perfecting its past products. Google is winning the PR war. What this means in the long run I cannot say, but I do find it...
Agree. Some of us have already decided to take this to PMs and will not be posting again until something is resolved and a general announcement might be made through the Moderators.
New Posts  All Forums: