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Sounds a little like the old PC vs Mac debates. Or GUI vs. Command Line for that matter. Yes, you can program many common old thermostats, but they are not dynamic, and have to be re-programmed as conditions change. Nest learns and adapts--reprogramming itself on the fly. Kinda spooky sometimes, but I'm liking it.
Actually, I'm not sure if the hospital inquiry was actually received. There was some kind of error notice, and it was not clear if it meant it didn't go through or whether it was just a format or other minor issue.
Did they "gain access" to the iPhone, or did the iPhone gain access to them?
Time for a new 1984 Apple campaign with Google being " the man." I swear that company is getting its tentacles into every aspect of our lives.
When I saw this I just groaned. Just got a Nest for Xmas and quite like it. Was going to get the smoke detector when v.2 comes out. Now not so sure. Apple keeps perfecting the phone and tablet while Google acquires the rest of the world. Depressing.
Sorry about my ignorance concerning the video. Will watch it now to get a glimpse of what is likely lost. I agree that the outcome of further searching would be confirmation of the worst case.
Also tried using the email contact form on the hospital website. Used Babelfish to translate my request for information into German. Will see what happens on both scores.
Just sent an email to the outlook account she gave me. Hoping that if she's gone or incapacitated that friend or family might check it. Gets me to thinking that in this age of Internet neighborhoods that it should be part of every last will to notify one's online friends. And part of modern death etiquette to reach out and attempt to do so even if no directive were left.
Thanks, no, I haven't.
How are competitors going to copy this iconic design without looking like they are copying? I have no doubt that they will.
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