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All ready for the Droid clone of the Watch due in time for holiday season.
Well played, Relic, well played. 🇨🇭👏🏻
Hoping to hear from Relic on this topic.
The Swiss willl make jewelry masquerading as computers. Apple is making computers masquerading as jewelry. 😉
I agree with Swiss watch makers that the Watch is not a threat, at least not a big one. The high end watch market is not about telling time, it's about jewelry. Panerai, Blancpain and their ilk are almost like Rube Goldberg devices that do something that today is very simple, telling time, but in a very complicated and complex way. It's all about the craftsmanship that goes into it. Watches can approach the beauty and craftsmanship of the casework, but the guts are...
No Spotify, you don't HAVE to charge $13, you choose to. How about charging the same $10 and make up the difference in the volume sales through the internet's biggest music store affords. Boo-hoo.
Nice to see some former key Apple people don't feel compelled to compete with their former company. I wish him well.
Does it have an easy tool for fixing old photos that have fading, leaving mostly blues and reds? I have an 8x10 color print that has been in a frame exposed to indirect sunlight for years. Scanned it and tried bringing back the original full spectrum of colors using the tools available in the new Photos app on my iMac. It was beyond a struggle. Result was not great.
Thank you, Jony.
Sounds suspiciously trollish to me. Licensing a portfolio of patents? What's your real job, OpenTV? Living the good life while others are trying to move the ball forward by doing some actual work?
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