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The iPhone is a phenomenon. It's a premium product that sells to the masses, yet continues to hold its cachét. (Kind of like Burberry, strangely). Maybe there is room at the top for a limited production super-premium iPhone? Or would that screw things up for this phenomenon?
Good one! Maybe the case should be moved to the World Court in The Hague. Disputes between big national corporations are getting to be almost the same as disputes between nations.
Not that simple. If a white guy in Korea was accused of theft, and he got the one white judge in all of Korea to judge him. That judge might do well to recuse him/herself. For the case at hand, how about a judge of Armenian descent? 😉
What happens to those who are already using what will now be Apple's technology? Presume they are grandfathered in, but could Apple cut them off from future development? Sounds like a great buy; hope it leads to more "cool new products" Cook has promised.
Not so sure that the comments about Judge Koh are racist in the strictest sense. She's not being denigrated because of some perceived inferiority based on her race. She's being accused of being biased because of a race-based conflict of interest. Psychology has long shown that people instinctively cut others slack if they share some profound commonality with them. Judges obviously have to fight against this in themselves constantly. But because the argument is between two...
Like Charles Dickens' "Bleak House," after years of wrangling the matter is exhausted and the plaintiff is left with a victory and no money left to claim. What a ridiculous exercise in legal futility!
By the time this is done she'll co-opt the jury and award Apple 99 cents in damages. Advantage, Korea. Only the lawyers will have won.
President Obama (an otherwise progressive individual) and the Secret Service may be the last people on Earth using this device that's in its death throes. What's up with that?
One could argue that there is a cascade effect--that they built what they are making now on the foundation of what they stole.
Agree, but guess I was thinking of FRAND patents.
New Posts  All Forums: