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Some of these posts seem to imply that the Messages app on iOS is some kind of "walled garden." That it's iMessage or no message. I text my non-iOS friends using SMS, and my iOS friends with iMessage using the same Messages app. Magic. The only bummer is that a group message seems to default to SMS if the is one or more non-iMessage people among the addressees.
Do you get Fox News in Ireland?
"A bastion"? Oh yes, I forgot, everyone here in California lives in constant fear that after being pulled over for speeding they will be tortured to the point of soiling their pants. Gee, arguing in hyperboles is fun!
Paxman, if Snowden were living in Saudi Arabia and acting against their state, your example would carry a lot of weight. Within the justice system of the U.S., not so much.
Real heroes of conscience stand and face the music (MLK, Ghandi, Mandela, Ellsberg, et al.). They don't run and hide, particularly into the arms of our philosophical enemies. That is the honorable way to dissent in a democracy. Snowden has diminished himself and his motivations.
I'm a liberal, and I feel exactly the same way. The guy just rubs me the wrong way. Not surprizing to hear that he has streak of tinfoil-hat in him.
I will be among the first to buy the cheapest version. As an unabashed Apple fan and hobbyist, this is all fun to me. I just want to see for myself whether there is an AppleWatch-sized hole in my life that it will fit. I expect that it will be far less capable than version two or three, but since Apple products have such high resale value, I plan to trade-up. Whether it will ultimately be judged a successful product or not, I intend to enjoy the ride up, or down. Why not?
With the Swiss central bank unpegging the Franc from the Euro, Swiss exports now cost 20% more than last week, and it could go higher. Another cause for his worry.
Amen, been using it from the jump. But still using it at the same merchants (Stater Bros. Markets, McDonalds). No new ones added since the start for me. Some say they are (Chevron) but are snail slow in rolling it out. Apple had the big banks/cards from the start, probably 79% of the card business, but still less than 10% of merchants. Hardly chicken-egg anymore. Lots of chicken, not much egg.Not blaming Apple, just the a-hole merchants who are foot-dragging because they...
Need more merchants.
New Posts  All Forums: