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You can see it from space! Should have modified the circle into the shape of the Apple logo.
I hate Sammy as much as the next Apple fan, but predictions of its death strike me as premature. They are a huge conglomerate of which the smartphone business is only part. Their other branches can underwrite the phone biz, and/or they can continue as just another minority player. They will live on. What I wonder is what will be the next wave in AI computing. When will something completely different replace solid-state/silicon chips? In some lab somewhere is the...
Sure hope it's lighter. My Air is a definite improvement over my previous pad, but my arm still gets tired holding it in space, as when laying on my back in bed. Of course the stock Apple full cover adds to the problem.
If you are citing this independent paragraph: "Google has left open plenty of vectors for malware attacks seeking to spy on users or take control of their devices to form botnets," it did not specifically state that Al Qaeda might be running a botnet, only that Google has such a vulnerability that anyone with evil intent could so exploit. He is not making that up. You may not believe that Jihadists are or could do this, but that's no less conjecture than you accuse DED of.
Come on, people. This hating on DED meme is getting both humorous and tiresome. Even if he does sometimes write things fanboys love, is that the worst thing on an Applecentric forum? I've see less vitriolic (and numerous) responses aimed at Android trolls who post here. With all the biased stuff in the press about Apple, can't we allow ourselves a little talkback? Note also that he is reporting on the research posted by others. If you have an issue with its veracity, why...
Agree. But we may disagree on the best way to go about that.
You make a valid point. But you seem to assume there is some kind of political transparency equivalency between the Chinese and Russian systems and ours. For all our faults, I have far more trust in our system's potential to do right thing, and to correct itself when it doesn't, than theirs.
Once again Snowden is Russia's tool.
Why not just offer the better CPU as BTO option--let the consumer decide the price he is willing to pay?
Seriously, Apple could increase Mac sales by merely getting on the same predictable upgrade/refresh path as iOS. I have been ready to trade in my 2009 iMac for a while now, but don't want to miss an important bump up. There must be a lot of us out there waiting for a reason to give Apple our money. As someone else said earlier, how hard is it to improve an existing form factor at least? Leaving money on the table, Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: