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And yet every Apple oriented podcast I listen to (MacBreak, AI, Clockwise, etc.) will continue their relentless drumbeat of how awful it is. Mine sits innocuously amongst my entertainment devices, doing its job when called upon relatively painlessly. It's not the greatest device, but it does the job without making me crazy. Apple fans are spoiled. Unless every device is miles ahead of the competition they judge it a fail. Sometimes good enough is good enough. Apple's...
I got apps that just showed up, and I don't recognize them. When I touch them, nothing happens. What's up with that?
Today, Apple has acknowledged that all the rumors are true and they are canceling the WWDC Keynote address as there is nothing new to talk about.
Really? I'm not an expert on headphones, but those who are rate Beats as middlin' at best. Like Beats, Apple attracts the style-conscious, but unlike Beats Apple also attracts those for whom only the best is good enough. Apple won't even enter a space unless they can offer the best quality. So now, what, they are just buying the name? A name that beyond the coolness factor is no competition for the high end headphone makers out there? Not a bargain on the hardware front....
Inasmuch has iTunes has NO brand equity in streaming music, I'd say yes. Apple's brand in music sales kicks Beats' butt, though. Smiley face.
I wonder if it's more about acquiring the wetware for primary research, not rolling their current technology into today's products. What comes from this may not even be recognizable as having come from this, years down the road.
Path was a great app for me to share my travels with close family without splashing it all over Facebook. It was quick and easy and offered cool local stuff like currency pics, maps, weather, etc.. Then they tried to become just another social app by adding chat and other crap. When I heard Google bought them I just gave it up. Now I'm using Storehouse.
Where's Ireland? Wasn't he a big OLED fan? Time for a victory lap.
And Coca-Cola didn't invent the letters C, O, A, and L (or the hyphen) so the world is free to use it for any purpose.We'e been down this road before. Many times. Reductio ad absurdum anyone?
Would love to hear what the numbers are in terms of how many chose Apple or PC.
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