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First they f**k up the live stream, then the store opening? Steve would have heads rolling big time.
Got to give time for Chinese copycat companies with party juice to ready models.
I thought Path had already been acquired by Google or Facebook? I remember groaning when I heard it, as I was a happy user of Path. I liked being able to limit those who shared my vacation with me to my closest family and friends, not the whole universe of Facebook. Path is opt-in rather than opt-out in that regard.
Just as paper money opened the door for counterfeiters. That someone can figure out a way to abuse a technology is no reason to refuse to move forward. Like everything else on the internet, going forward will be a constant cat-and-mouse game with the anti-social crowd.
Clearly Apple has redefined the entire wearable tech universe, much as they did with phones and tablets. My only qualm is to what extent the watch is usable outside of the range of your iPhone . . . how much of what it does is onboard as opposed to symbiotic. That, and thickness. I look forward to Apple Watch 2.0 which will hopefully be a bit thinner. While Jony did a masterful job of camouflaging its thickness, its bulk is embarrassingly similar to the Samsung watch I've...
It should come as no surprise that a product you have to pay people to endorse has got a popularity problem. Just because you pay someone to front for you doesn't mean you've bought their love. Even though the Cortana girl was not paid to endorse, the resulting embarrassment for MS is a function of the same core issue.
Side viewing better on the side you're looking from, but what about the side that curves away from you? Another curve gimmick from the company that gave us the concave TV screen. Maybe the words gimmick and innovation are the same in Korean?
I disagree that Apple should ignore the competition and rest comfortably on its laurels. Advertising can be a powerful tool. They can use humor to cement the idea in people's heads that iPhone is not only the coolest, but also the best. And that pretenders are just that. Stay hungry, Apple.
You wouldn't, if like me you live in L.A. I thought I was done with his asinine "monkey boy" antics from Seattle. Now he is performing nightly on our local sports news. I'm in hell!
Craigslist works better for me than eBay. It's free, local, and you get top dollar. I tell the buyer to meet me in the lobby of my credit union. This eliminates the possibility of being mugged, and allows me to have the cash checked before handing over the phone. There's also coffee, comfortable couches, and air conditioning! A very pleasant way to do business.
New Posts  All Forums: