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I was thinking that I was paying once for everyone's Apple Music service, not for everyone else's songs, books, movies, etc.
Something that was not clear to me is that Apple Music doesn't work on MacOS, Only iOS. Save yourself a lot of trouble by not attempting to download iTunes 12.2 which does support it—it's not available yet. The other thing that was not clear to me is that the Family Plan allows everyone to charge music to my credit card! I had hoped to include my married son and his wife who live 30 minutes away on my subscription, but I certainly don't want to pick up the tab for all...
Match is an epic fail when it comes to turning your old vinyl into pristine digital copies. Hope they fix that.
Agree. Enough of the "sky is falling" responses.The problem is not the Confederate flag. The problem is the fetishization of that flag. After the Civil War it should have been taken down, folded up, and put away. In most cases it was. But it crept back in the hands of dead-enders like the Klan, and well-meaning "patriotic" groups of Confederate descendants. Its continued presence gave it a kind of legitimacy--we got used to seeing it around for both benign and evil intent....
You're using circular logic. You said both in this and your previous post that they were a separate country when they seceded. You can't become a separate country without seceding first.You're beating a dead horse, Nola. Donald Rumsfeld, with whom I agree on nothing, referred to "dead-enders" in Iraq after the war. The South has a lot of those.
I must have missed the secession clause in the Constitution. Oh, no I didn't, because it's not there. One of the Amendments? Nope. The only "right" to secede is in the eye of the beholder. There was no legal basis. The Supreme Court hasn't even ruled on it.The fact is that there is no legal justification for either leaving or not leaving the Union. The Constitution is silent on it. In our case we decided to fight a war to decide the issue. They say elections have...
Spot on.
The sooner we stop edifying a treasonous movement, the better. The South was wrong, period. Most of those who fought for the South were not evil, just on the wrong side of history. Their resting places should be respected, but not used to glorify the cause of a State's right to enslave other humans. The signs and symbols of this sad history have a rightful place: in museums. Not in your face.
Thanks so much—very informative. I hoped that Kenwood had some kind of ability to just plug into the car's system, but from your info it seems unlikely.
What I want to know is how this unit handles the GPS that is already in my 2015 car. Love to use Apple Maps, but am told the GPS antenna that comes in cars is much more accurate than the one in the phone. I also have a premium system that came with a Harmon-Kardon amp under the seat. Hope that can be used with the Kenwood too.
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