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I mostly listen to podcasts. Is there any way to create a playlist of them to be stored on my watch?
Using watch since the 24th. Was pleasantly surprised (amazed) to see that distance and heartbeat were both almost dead on agreement with the treadmill at my gym. Whether the Activity app logs something as exercise or activity seems a little uncertain, even when I choose a category in the Workout app. I tried carrying the iPhone while exercising to see if that helps. Jury still out, and I am still testing. Bottom line, I like the watch and am glad I got it. I expect that...
Makes me wonder if Apple will bother with actually repairing watches. May be less hassle and cheaper in the long run to just swap them out and put the bad one in the crushing machine. Unless it's an Edition, in which case the case is melted down and tossed into Aplle's Scrooge McDuck vault with the rest of their gold.
The ATV remote is the worst engineered piece of hardware to ever come out of Apple. It seems purpose-built to generate errors when entering letters and numbers. I am convinced Steve never used it. If he had, he'd have thrown it against a wall and fired those responsible. Good riddance! If used as an exemplar at Apple U, it should be as one of form triumphing over function. A beautiful piece of shit.
Could they purposefully (but surreptitiously) tank their own stock? Like putting out a stinker product or start a rumor that they are about to be indicted. When the value is that of a penny stock, buy it all up, then resume their money-making ways. %uD83D%uDE04
Do any of you critics actually have the watch, or are you just using the hard evidence of someone else's experience? I've had mine since day one, and am enjoying the hell out of it. Not perfect, but a real game-changer. It will be the iPhone of wearables in the sense that it is taking a field that is moribund and turn it vital. Remember, though, this is an extension of the iPhone, not a completely self-contained device. So it will never replace the phone, or equal it's...
The sad thing is they think it's about the ads.
Could it be? A Samsung-free device? Let's hope it's the wave of the future.
I wouldn't use the term "crash" when referring to computer failures in relation to aircraft. Must be a better term that has less catastrophic connotations in relation to airliners.
Hodar should have mentioned that the study he cited was limited to Australians. if we take his, and the person he is challenging's percentages at face value, then tattooing is far more common in the U.S. than there. If that is true, then prejudice against tattoos may indeed be waning here. Maybe Hodar would care to dig up a U.S. study to support his case?
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