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Soon, Apple will have every bank and credit union signed up. And the same two merchants I use accept it.
Apple sued for agreeing not to poach competitor's employees. Apple sued for poaching competitor's employees. They can't win. Guess they have to agree to poach competitor's, but then fail to do it. Then they're in good with the law.
Kind of looks like a beard on the bottom of the phone. I guess that was Seacrest's contribution.
See "Still Alice" if you want to see a serious film with the same kind of Apple product integration.
Any cop can query DMV registration. I assume one is also an Apple fan or the friend of one. Word gets out.
One thing is for sure, whatever this is leading to won't be operational/available for years. Apple takes its time. Less interested in being first than being right.
More blah-blah from me. The gold version of the watch will account for only the tiniest percentage of overall sales. Most of us slugs will be buying the aluminum cheap-o version just to see if it's all that. Going nuts on a store re-design to keep one Crown Jewel safe is massive overkill IMHO. "By Appointment Only" (like the Genius Bar) for gold could be handled privately and securely in the back. Just trick-out a small office with non-static carpet and a Jony Ive...
What a challenge, indeed. How to accomodate a high-end luxury product into stores that were designed to showcase . . . high-end luxury products? My local mall has a luxury section where the likes of Bulgari and Chopard have impeccably dressed and bored staff presiding over beautifully appointed and empty stores. We forget that Apple has historically taken what were criticized as "overpriced" gadgets and managed to pack their stores with buyers. As someone said above,...
Marvin: Thank you for taking the time fill in the blanks on my rumination. I was afraid my idea might be way beyond reality. Thanks also oftheir interesting ideas on automotive progress.
Is it possible for a company to become self-endowed? That is, to amass so much cash in the bank, that just the income on that pile woul be enough to pay operating yearly operating expenses? How much would it take, and/or how small would Apple have to become in order to be self-sustaining? Thought experiment.
New Posts  All Forums: