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Do any of you critics actually have the watch, or are you just using the hard evidence of someone else's experience? I've had mine since day one, and am enjoying the hell out of it. Not perfect, but a real game-changer. It will be the iPhone of wearables in the sense that it is taking a field that is moribund and turn it vital. Remember, though, this is an extension of the iPhone, not a completely self-contained device. So it will never replace the phone, or equal it's...
The sad thing is they think it's about the ads.
Could it be? A Samsung-free device? Let's hope it's the wave of the future.
I wouldn't use the term "crash" when referring to computer failures in relation to aircraft. Must be a better term that has less catastrophic connotations in relation to airliners.
Hodar should have mentioned that the study he cited was limited to Australians. if we take his, and the person he is challenging's percentages at face value, then tattooing is far more common in the U.S. than there. If that is true, then prejudice against tattoos may indeed be waning here. Maybe Hodar would care to dig up a U.S. study to support his case?
Dekker's was a false comparison. Demand for iPhones today blinds us to what supply and demand were like in the early years. Apple had just about enough capacity to keep up with one carrier. It was a beautiful plan driven by necessity, but the exclusivity also worked to Apple's benefit as much as AT&T's.Dekker's business decision was to turn customers away from making purchases through an established secure system with limitless capacity. There was no physical reason why...
I am enjoying the Fitness and Activity apps on the watch as much as anything. I, too, have never used a fitness band. But my wife tried to use the Weight Watchers ones they gave us when we re-upped our memberships. It was so confusing that I decided to just wait for the Watch that I knew was coming in the spring. In fairness to WW they have since dropped their tracker in favor of the Fit Bit. I will be very pleased if WW comes out with a full-on app for the watch. I use...
Apple has more money than Croesus. They can buy forests, create dozens of server and solar farms, but cannot fab their own silicon. It can't be for lack of money or brains. Would rather forego my dividends than see Apple held hostage by the vicissitudes of this industry.
Melanin is a natural variation in human skin. Ink is not. Life choices have consequences. Not a judgement. If you enjoy body art, fine. Just don't expect products to account for your choices. On the other hand, it's good that this is known. If true, Apple should make it clear to avoid disappointed buyers.
Waiting for reviews and curation. Am shocked at how few reviews there have been of the watch by people who have actually used it. Weren't some seeded? Even MacWorld in their May issue e-zine reviewed on a store try-on. What gives?
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