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Attorneys on fire. They can't help themselves. It's what they do.
Samsung do refrigerators. "We OWN you, Apple, in kitchen appliances!"
It's hard for an industrial behemoth like Samsung to create an image of being cool (as defined by outsider status). Like your dad using current hip-hop slang which just makes him seem a little ridiculous. Apple, while big, is much more narrowly focused, thus seeming like the David in this fight. Thanks, Samsung, for unwittingly being the new Microsoft for Apple to play off of.
Wonder if the long arm of Samsung is involved in making Apple's product too pricey for most.
BTW, can anyone tell me why when MacBooks are used as props on TV why sometimes they put a sticker over the Apple logo? It's obvious what it is. Did Apple decline to pay for product placement? Are they afraid of being sued by Apple for some reason?
Great, bring in someone whose attitude is that Apple is too cool for school. That'll help.
This is rich, Microsoft, who held on to the command line interface while ridiculing Apple GUI, is lecturing us.
Dysamoria: Pro Apple bias on an Apple centric website. Imagine that. Your life must be filled with disappointments. Check out the DNC website; it's filled with liberal bias. Another shocker.
I have two big flat screen TVs, a ten-year-old Panasonic and a three-year-old Samsung. The Panasonic is still going strong; the Samsung developed an un fixable lavender horizontal 8-inch stripe a year ago. It shows up whenever the picture is white. Like Apple ads ironically.
Thin skins. They can dish it out, but they can't take it.
New Posts  All Forums: