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In an ideal world I would agree. But the networks and programs I watch are not available to me on demand. If I don't record them and watch them at my convenience I would have to wait for them to come out on DVD, another dying technology.
Or, you could turn it around and say that since I already get that stuff on the cable I have, there's no reason to switch back to my AppleTV during the day.Honestly, TiVo is my workhorse appliance. I can watch both live and self-recorded content without switching anything. The only time the ATV comes on is to watch streamed Netflix movies. But even that is rare because the streamed offerings on Netflix suck compared to the DVD-by-mail offerings.If ATV had DVR functionality...
One more reason I'm glad I use Facebook as little as humanly possible.
I appreciate your sarcasm, but you still didn't answer the question my response implied: just what is it that an eReader (Apple's or other) that would compel a satisfied tablet reader like myself to add one more device to my pile?
Not necessarily. Apple may offer multi-modal mobile payment options as a part of iOS 8. OS could default to whatever means of NFC the device supports.
Holy cow, TMI, literally! I had 65 shares before the split. Sold 100 about four years ago at about $300 to pay for a kitchen remodel. Still sitting on about $30K after cost.
I hear this complaint a lot, and had begun to think of it as an internet meme that was part of the ongoing guerrilla war between Apple and non-Apple products. I don't doubt your particular complaint, but I have been reading on my iPad with iBook from the jump and have no issues with it. The Retina screen is about as high a resolution that my old eyes can see; not sure what more would offer me. About the only issue I have encountered is the very rare times I read in full...
Since I will never sell my shares, I may be the only person at future stockholder meetings.
Oh please, the amount that each consumer would miss out on is minuscule compared to the amount the lawyers would miss out on. And why would a judge care about lawyers--it's almost as if she was one . . . Oh wait . . .
I agree completely. Apple rarely "collaborates" its way into new territory, preferring to go its own way. They may buy a related company for people or parts, but not to buy its way in. Even the Beats buy has yet to prove otherwise. The iPod name is known and respected. A wrist version would not be seen as a risky new thing, but the next iteration of a popular product.
New Posts  All Forums: