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Whether it's 50 million or 400 million, it's pocket change to both these companies. They probably spent more fighting the case than that. What I would like to know is what happens going forward (other than Apple winning the right to brand it's biggest competitor a convicted thief). Will there be royalties or licensing involved or has Samsung reverse engineered its way out of infringement?
Hard to comprehend how an Otterbox would be the natural competition for a silicone cover. A tank is competes with a pellet gun?
"Infringing" sounds so much less sleazy than stealing doesn't it. Like inflictor of unwanted intercourse sounds better than rapist.
Famous, glib, and essentially meaningless quote.
Self-confessed thieves. This should be the basis of an Apple ad campaign going forward: "When making your next smartphone buying decision, do you want reward American innovation and creativity or foreign piracy and treachery?"
Because the trial establishing guilt is over. This one is only about damages.
Okay, then 90% Samsung-free. (Depending upon how you measure it–by weight, cost, volume, etc.).
Should market it as 100% Samsung-free!
It's hard for me to see the "value added" of an Apple entry into the wearable tech fad. At best it offers a limited subset of what a phone offers with the only upside being closer at hand (literally). Not sure what Apple can add that's not already out there other than tight integration. Apple having been sandbagged, what they offer will be deemed a failure unless it takes the world by storm. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.
I do hope Shatner is right. I can't help but wonder what Apple gets out of this "gift" to other companies over and above the obvious improved efficiencies. Would love to read the contracts.
New Posts  All Forums: