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Just sent an email to the outlook account she gave me. Hoping that if she's gone or incapacitated that friend or family might check it. Gets me to thinking that in this age of Internet neighborhoods that it should be part of every last will to notify one's online friends. And part of modern death etiquette to reach out and attempt to do so even if no directive were left.
Thanks, no, I haven't.
How are competitors going to copy this iconic design without looking like they are copying? I have no doubt that they will.
How spoiled by cheese-box commoditized PCs we've become. I spent $5000 for a Mac years ago ($10,000 in today's dollars) that my iPhone could beat today. This machine is a steal.
Hate to say it, but I agree. My 3GS was a tank; sold it in perfect working order after it migrated through four family members. 4S on/off switch died (despite being in an OtterBox case) and battery would only take half charge after three migrations. 5S got dropped on kitchen floor before case arrived and the gold metal frame bent out of square making the on/off button hard to use. Anecdotal, I know, but it does seem as though strength and durability may be slipping.
The days of Apple being the only premium phone are gone. But it will always be an aspirational brand. Why not start a new division to produce a Chevy to give its Cadillac a base of aspirants? Just don't call it an iPhone.
Sorry to photo bomb this thread, but I know lots of regulars will be posting. Does anyone know what's happened to long time poster, "Relic"? Her name is Sonja Gerig, lives in Switzerland, and was in the hospital with possibly terminal breast cancer. She hasn't posted since December 8th and I am worried. I've tried PMing and emailing her to no avail. I believe she was in the Cantonal hospital in Steinhausen. Any Swiss members who can assist finding out her situation would...
No more outrageous than laws that seek to prevent "revolving door" employment of former legislators or staff regulators as lobbyists for the very industries they ruled on. Given Apple and Google's contentious patent history, this has conflict of interest written all over it. Even the appearance of conflict should be avoided
Checking in. Are you okay? Still in the hospital?
Casey always seemed to know a lot about the artists and music he played, and shared that knowledge, making listening that much more rewarding. With Seacrest it's more about him, less about the music.
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