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Apple prints money: stock goes down. Google wheels out smoke and mirrors: stock goes up. Wall Street hates Apple.
Hey, every time my rooster crows the sun comes up. Guess Unbox Therapy and my rooster can both cause changes.
Yes, and if the Axis had won WWII we'd all be speaking Japanese on the West Coast. Such speculation is idle fun, but probably far off the mark.
Since Apple stopped being a volatile skyrocketing wunderkind some years ago, Wall Street's only interest is in depressing the stock short term to make a few quick bucks on the snap-back.
AAPL trend over two ears has been a steady climb punctuated be short term drops. This, while under constant FUD attacks and stock manipulation. I see no reason why it won't continue. I predict $150 by next February.
As someone else on this forum reminded me a while back, look at the last one or two years of AAPL. Yes, it gets manipulated in the short term, but long term it just keeps slowly and constantly going up. Just what we long term investors want. Just slow and steady growth, no manic highs and lows.
Samsung should acquire the name Razor from Motorola. Samsung Galaxy, the phone with razor thin profit margin. Or are they to the point of selling it as a loss-leader at this point?
Can't wait for those Shakespeare and David Hockney robots. So tired of whiny human artists. The Jony Ive robot will save Apple a lot of money too. 😉
Drugs, alcohol, and whores? I must have missed the part about the moral superiority of rich people who never spend their money on such things. Why is it that laissez-faire or social Darwinist capitalist apologists like you fail to see that negotiating with the representatives of their workers is just as much a factor in "demand" as negotiating with a parts supplier?
Analysts' jobs are to churn the market. They have been very successful.
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