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You can bet some form of kickback is involved. With Apple you pay a premium for its devices, and great features like SIRI are included. Facebook is "free" so your privacy gets sold to make up for it. Features like Moneypenny only appear if they contribute to revenue.
Really? Seems more likely stock will drop. Apple has been printing money and its stock is flat. When it does exceptionally well, it drops. Wall Street hates Apple.
Wow, you must be that Internet guy. You know, the one that always seizes on something you say, twists it, and uses it against you? I'm honored. Maybe next time I'll be lucky enough to have you include a few of your famous external links that aren't as relevant as you think they are.
Hope this isn't job one for improving Apple. Making the stores more posh to appeal to Gold %uF8FFWatch customers seems a bit like the tail wagging the dog, don't you think?
Google IS evil. Karma will get them one day.
Not sure I agree with those who say Watch should have a long upgrade cycle because those who just bought one will feel cheated when a new one comes out. New cars come out every year, and buyers of last year's model just get over it. And watches cost a lot less than a car. Also, many people have more than one watch. The idea of buying a second one is not heresy. Especially if Apple differentiates them more. We're talking hundreds, not thousands of dollars for most buyers....
Battery life not a big issue for me. Lack of native apps is. Thinner is better on watches more than any other device. Don't care how thin my iMac is, but do my watch.
Does anyone know if Liquidmetal has some special "discriminatory" conductance qualities that have not been heretofore discussed? Something that would set it apart from other conductors? As for biometric sensors on the back: others have tried buttons and sensors on the back with little success.
Me? Not joking at all. Apple markets iTunes Match as a means to convert your existing music collection to digital by matching tracks you have ripped to iTunes. Once matched to the same tracks in the cloud, you can download and keep these pristine copies. What they don't tell you is that if the tracks are encoded from analog records, they rarely match. So, if your music collection contains a lot of records, forget about getting clean copies of your scratchy old tracks. They...
Also, the "bubble-like" menu kept insisting I keep Taylor Swift. I would hold on her bubble for the countdown and she would disappear, only to reappear later when I moved on to deal with other bubbles. Maybe she got a no-cut clause in her contract. After deleting her for the last time, I quickly moved to the next screen, but when I finished and went to my recommendations, there was a Taylor Swift channel right on top! Really annoying because I really don't like her.
New Posts  All Forums: