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Right. It shows up in the Passport app looking like a card.
Smart move on Apple's part. Agree with rogifan, people don't want smart TVs. As Yakov Smirnov used to say, "In Russia, TV watches you!"
You cannot pay directly with Pay. You can only load your Starbucks Card using Pay. 
Boy, Starbuck's and Apple used to be BFFs. Free Song Of The Week on iTunes, Starbucks card among the first on Passport app. Now Starbuck's is dancing with Spotify, a rival of Beats, and are not playing nice with Pay. Was it something we said?
I am waiting for second generation aftermarket CarPlay unit for my 2015 Forester. Alpine's makes you lose your XM, HD Radio, and any CD functionality you might have. Pioneer is more fully featured, but I am not convinced it will take advantage of car's internal GPS and Harmon Kardon amp. Would hate to bypass all that. Too much to hope Subaru will offer an OEM upgrade when they start including CarPlay on 2016 or 2017 models.
You have GOT to up the volume of your podcast. It's already marginal, but if I can't even hear it…? I had the volumes on my iPhone and Bluetooth earbuds maxed out. Don't have this problem with MacBreak Weekly.
Agree. Perhaps there is a diamond in this pile of stink that would save them lots of time and effort to work around. If so, I hope they don't make this guy too rich to get it.
Yikes, sounds like a sketchy guy and a gimmicky product. The whole thing smells fishy. Hope Apple passes. And if they really think they need some kind of cheesy rewards scheme, do their own. The basic idea can't be patentable.
All ready for the Droid clone of the Watch due in time for holiday season.
Well played, Relic, well played. 🇨🇭👏🏻
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