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I could have written this myself. Exactly my experience and practice in almost every case. The only difference is that when I was wearing a watch for daily purpose, it was a lightweight plastic Swatch. But I am hoping that the lightness of the cheapest version, it's ability to keep me from extracting my iPhone 6 from my jeans pocket (not easy with its sticky Apple silicone case) every time it vibrates, and fitness band function, will outweigh any of the aforementioned...
Ah, more reviews of unreleased products by people who haven't used or even touched one. And he's so SURE! I am going to buy the cheapest one I can, and then I'll let you know whether I have an AppleWatch sized hole in my life that this product fills.
Of all the things Apple could diversify into, silicon makes the most sense. They have a track record of excellence, the existing players are few and tend to be complacent. Plus, every device going forward from watches to thermostats need them. They are a commodity product that cannot be done on the cheap by knock-off artists. I can see Apple becoming the new Intel, but reserving the latest and greatest for themselves while selling-off the last gen to others. "Apple Inside."!
Is Seacrest merely a paid spokesperson or an owner of the company? Home free if the former, out some serious money if the latter.
Thanks for the news flash. I agree, they are succeeding. My worry is not for the present (which can be argued is coasting on past products from the Jobs era), but for the future. I want to be wrong, but I don't think it's foolish to express some concern for the long run. "Generic" in the sense that her expertise is in sales and marketing "generally" (same root word), not in sales of computers (wearable or otherwise) specifically. Again, not an insignificant distinction....
We could start with Ahrendts.
My point, exactly. Clothing is the same as electronics? Selling is selling? That kind of thinking didn't create Apple Stores that are now imitated by others.
What difference does it make if 400 banks all take Apple Pay when so few merchants do. I've been using my Bank of America MasterCard at the same two or three merchants since day one. If Apple doesn't get better penetration than this before the hoards of copycats start rolling out, it could be trouble. I'd like to see Apple take some if its hoard of cash and underwrite properly equipped NFC terminals for merchants. Or maybe just give them out for free.
I worry that too many visionaries that made Apple successful are being replaced by generic executives. Inevitable, I guess. You can't expect to win the lottery twice.
I'm getting that "uh-oh" feeling.
New Posts  All Forums: