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Apple eats puppies.
Who said anything about badgering? Oh, YOU did.I simply ask if they take ApplePay yet, and if they say no I use my card. Not all $9 an hour cashiers are brain dead and the word goes up the chain if enough people ask.. You seem mighty presumptuous.
The important thing is to express interest to NON-participating retailers. I've made it a habit to ask every point of purchase I use if they accept ApplePay, whether I know they don't or not.
Stater Bros. Markets in the western U.S. are now taking ApplePay.
Neither liberals nor conservatives have all the answers. We denigrate third world countries for their backwardness while we reduce alternate political philosophies to football-like rivalries. It's infantile. Learn to listen to others' ideas with an open mind instead of calling each other names.
It's too late now, but when email first emerged it should have been put under the jurisdiction of the USPS. It IS mail after all. Instead of embracing new technology, they saw it as a threat and clung to paper mail.
Samsung will continue making smartphones even if they lose money on them. They'll do it because it's a matter of national pride, and because they can. They would lose face by caving to Apple.
Who wants an American laptop when you can buy a Chinese Communist one?
Let them keep their mark, but reverse it: foNi. Pronounced "phoney."
The Chinese company is buying Missouri because it's the Xiaomi state.
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