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An improved Capitalism is not Socialism. This kind of knee-jerk reaction to any thoughtful critique of the status quo serves no useful purpose.
Hey, she's awake. At least 15 minutes ago. I switched the default search engine on my iPad's Safari to Bing a few weeks ago just to give it a fair chance. I must agree with you—it misses a lot of results that Google catches. Also seems to have more junk at the top. Will probably be switching back to Google soon, as much as I dislike them they do have search in the bag.As for Apple maps, I have had very few problems. Even navigated us through some wild parts of New Zealand...
I hope iOS In The Car is just the first step toward an iCar. At some point Apple should control the entire experience instead of putting lipstick on the pig of what the driving UI is—essentially unchanged since the days of Henry Ford.
A distinction without a difference, at least apropos Jared's point. Apple Store's DO deserve our patronage.
In general, I agree. But I consider Apple a special case. Apple really is different in both large and small ways. Perhaps as Steve recedes further into the past that will change, but for those of us who have been with them since even before the bad old days, it is a corporate entity with something as close to a soul as such things CAN have. I do have a strong sense of loyalty to them both as a customer now and an employee in the past.
Wow, bad news, people are shunning cheaper iPhones in favor of more expensive and profitable ones This should send its stock down to new lows. /s/
Well, I agree with this much of your post. Apple does best when reinventing something that is already out there and essential. People use iCar as hyperbole, but I think that's exactly where they should go. As personal transport becomes more completely electronic, Apple can leverage its battery technology experience, user interface superiority, unparalleled ecosystem, and huge and fanatic affluent user base. An Apple car in the class of the Smart Car would be a good place...
The future is in giant barges. Ask Google. Adapt or die.
The downside of buying companies to acquire their product (SIRI), is that the people you acquire with it do not have the same loyalty to Apple as those who are "native". I will always consider Google and Samsung as tainted entities because of they way they have ripped off Apple's products and technologies. And I will always look less kindly on those who leave Apple to join them.
Yeah, but Apple doesn't feature the bug in an ad for itself.
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