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Looking for a hit performance, the studio hires the manager of the actor who won the Academy Award last year.
And why does Touch ID on my iPhone 6 continue to forget my fingerprints? It's been improved (by not forgetting as quickly as before) but it eventually forgets. Are my fingers changing?!
Amen to all those calling for a slow-down on new releases and a speed-up on perfecting what we've got. Two examples: persistent blue dots indicating unread mail after its been read, and stubborn refusal of screen to rotate when device is rotated. I notice the latter on the Notes app on my iPhone 6 particularly. Whether that is hardware or software I don know, but it should have been addressed by now.
Also, air freshener is an absurdly inappropriate comparison to cloud service. One can Fully enjoy the Lexus without it. The iPnone without the cloud? Not so much.
I understand that App Store guidelines are both a blessing and a curse for developers and I get your dilemma. Since major point releases are relatively infrequent, I'd be okay with paying for them every couple of years. More frequently if the price were less. Even though in the end I might be paying about the same as a subscription, there's just something about that growing list of little charges on my card each month that makes me resist adding to it. I may be a minority,...
Kasper, I want to reward hard work by paying for it. One time, at a fair price. What I won't do is saddle myself with another subscription. I would happily pay $10 for the iPad app rather than be nickel and dimed by hundreds of tiny subscriptions for everything I access on the net. I like the free iPhone version of the free app fine, but I deleted the original version of the iPad one as soon as the free offer ran out. I know from the comments on iTunes that ditching the...
There are members of my family who have 16GB iPhones who have more space than they need. Different people have different needs. Sue yourself for not reading the specs or not using the tools Apple provides for determining how much storage you need. This is another in a long history of money grabs by lawyers who lack ethics.
I am suing my parents. I found out the tooth fairy isn't real.
In California we have a sad "history" of plowing under what came before to make way for strip malls and housing developments. While I take the original European comments as gentle ribbing, I would point out that our efforts, however modest, at preserving what still exists of early California settlement, can be admired as well as ridiculed.
Slow day. My fellow Americans, you are coming off as defensive and hyper vigilant about light comments that seem pretty benign to me. My older brothers still tease me and we're all in our seventies. I just smile in response. Lighten up.
New Posts  All Forums: