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Good thing this didn't happen in Europe. The EU would have heavily fined Apple and banned Siri.
Making potential friends out of potential enemies, always a good idea. Doing it quickly, like treating cancer, yields the best result. Apple takes the momentary pain of being perceived as weak, but avoids protracted bad press. Now the ball is in Taylor's court. Will she continue to withhold her album and look like a spoiled child? Or cave and reciprocate?
Was referring to Anton Newcomb, not Ms. Swift.
I respect Ms. Swift as a music cum celebrity business-person. And her music is riding the current pop wave. Whether she has staying power remains to be seen. Will her songs be as timeless as Paul McCartney? Few are.  But I've never really liked her, and I don't know why. There is just something about her that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's because I really believe her actual artistic talents are pretty limited, and resent the way she is grotesquely rewarded for them....
Doesn't pay to **** with Apple. Ask Gizmodo.
Who is this Taylor guy?
I've been with ATT since the first iPhone. The "unlimited" service I contracted for was summarily throttled a couple of years ago. They seem to feel that the fact that they "informed" me they were breaking our contract gets them off the hook. Sleaze balls.
Apple should ban all music from their service that supports cult apologists like Beck. Yes, I'm talking about you, Scientology.
Seems incredibly short sighted.
Is there a legal requirement or time-honored custom that competitors (or those who fancy themselves such) are required to respond to the initiatives of others? I must have missed the memo. Can you imagine Ford issuing a statement satirizing General Motors' past press releases? Decorum: a virtue lost on the generation of the Information Age. Those who emit Tweets like farts at the least impulse.
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