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Sounds like Hayek knows as much about wearable tech as Apple knows about watches.
It says much about what a Great Leap Forward the iPhone was that so early in its evolution that competitors can do little to top it beyond gimmicks and larger screens.
I have seen a few posts, including mine, that emphasized the iWatch as the evolution of the iPod Nano. Whether this is the case, or whether this is misdirection by Apple, or merely CYA patents remains to be seen. I am betting Apple is leveraging iPod--"the product that changed the world, and your life, is reborn to do it again."
I hope they don't axe the current form factor. Many people prefer a smaller phone. Especially those of us who carry iPads for large screen functionality.
Oh, Google. Karma's a bitch, isn't it. Once again the "walled garden" doesn't look so "evil," does it? Hope Steve can enjoy this from somewhere.
They should name the building for Steve. Though I bet he left instructions that it shouldn't be.
Will the iMac ever be radically redesigned, or has it reached the point of perfection for its genre?
I've got Apple money burning a hole in my pocket, release something already!
If it works without false positives, this is what I am looking for. As I said in a post yesterday, Touch ID is too fiddly and global for me. Not worried about someone who steals my phone using it to make calls or texts before I brick it. If I could put my brokerage and banking apps only behind theTouch ID wall and leave non-sensitive ones open, I would again use it.
The face of Level will be one-hit wonder, Psy singing "Gang-nam Style." All the cool kids in Koreatown will be wearing them.
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