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Does anyone know for sure if they consolidated the "Computer" icon into the Movies/TV Shows icons? It looks like it base on the picture, but I'm hoping I can now pick "Movies" and see all content to stream from my iTunes library mixed in with the cloud.
 I find it interesting that with all the recent events, people still accept the idea the government owns everything.
I agree.  Elgato has been doing that very thing for years now, and I also don't understand why AppleTV hasn't incorporated this.
Not only that, but it tells me they don't really have a concrete plan for the apple tv. The wording "aggressive schedules" caught my eye. I've only owned Macs for 6 years or so, but I would never describe their schedules as aggressive. Another reason why I don't think they have a plan here.
My initial thought was the same, but it will probably be a feature that can be toggled on and off. Which then makes it similar to the camera on most of our other devices.
You have all the answers... we are lucky to have you.
I like the pages of cover art available under movies... I don't disagree that it is as simply as humanly possible, as long as you are literate... my youngest is able to navigate, but struggles because you have to flip through every movie to see cover art.  Netflix, as a contrast, is no problem for her.
I know Apple wants to force us to the itunes store for content, but I'm getting tired of it. Amazon as an app obviously doesn't happen because it directly affects apples business model with apple tv. But I have to say, interface for the content available should embarrass apple. I'll agree with what has been said a million times.  I am sick of running itunes on my mini to access my movies. And I hate that the apple tv doesn't keep movies all in one place.  I have to...
I do not have an ipad, and do not plan on getting one at it's current form and price. I am very interested in the mini though. I can see myself liking the mini and then contemplated getting a full size and passing the mini on to the kids. My thought was just the opposite of the article. The mini may be my gateway to a full size ipad.  
    This isn't true anymore.  Since the switch to digital, OTA is the best picture quality available.  There is little to no compression.
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