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Never mind...stupid me! Boot camp is free from apple http://www.apple.com/macosx/bootcamp/ So I think I'll go and order my macbook pro next week with the latest Tiger....Apple just released the last two fixes for it this week to close it out anyway. At least if I run into third party driver isssues or minor bus with Leopard I'll have Tiger to fall back on. tks for the procedure,
Great then I guess I have two choices in my buying decision: 1. Go ahead and order my macbook pro with the latest Tiger build and spend the extra $$ & purchase bootcamp (unless theres a free ware version) and also buy Leopard OEM pack when it comes out....or 2. Wait & buy my mac when Leopard finally hits the street. This will save me of having to buy boot camp at least. But I will still have to buy an OEM pack of Tiger (should be cheaper once Leopard's out). Option 2...
I have seen some postings on this before but still haven't read anything definitive. I am ordering a new 15" MacBook Pro Duo2 Core over the weekend or next week. Any reason why I can't boot camp both OS 10.4.1 with Leopard when ever it comes out? I am interested in doing this so I can become familiar with both. Or would it be better to wait and buy my new unit with Leopard as the incumbent OS & boot camp installed as a new unit and buy an OEM pack of OSx and install...
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