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I have a hard time believing anything Monster has to say after this... http://www.bluejeanscable.com/legal/mcp/
i think the answer is that you're not supposed to own media anymore.  just subscribe for a monthly fee, and they'll stream it for you.  software, movies, music, books - it seems like it's all going this way, and when you stop paying, it's gone.  no need for an ipod, or high capacity devices, you can just access it for $XX/month. unfortunately, i agree with steve, i like to own.
a lot of whining over this, what, were you all raised by wolves?!  fine, be upset, but i'm going to sleep like a baby tonight.
i thought only surgeons got "god complexes" - i guess judges do too.
...ummm... tacos
BeatCoins by Dre
 Thank you!
Still waiting for larger cover art view, the mini player is much too small.  I don't understand why they took that away.  (yes, I periodically request that feature in the appropriate form)
    Quote: Thirded.
Edward Norton!  I think he can capture the geeky and furious side of Jobs.
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