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i think software is easier to steal/copy than hardware; when both are integrated, harder still.
I'm waiting until Ken Burns decides to make a documentary about Steve Jobs.
I'm just going to browse through folklore.org instead of seeing this movie.  link
"three patents involving access to data storage through payment systems"   Wouldn't those patents impact other companies (like Amazon), as well?  Has Smartflash sued any other companies with these patents yet?
 that would be interesting; as it is, i think i'll pass
the iPad interface is poor, so much wasted space and tiny album artwork on the screen where the song is playing. Is it too hard to make album art large on a large screen?
 Could be that Ive is focused on the car - that cannot be a small undertaking.
 so, would it be fair to say that the difference doesn't:
Final Cut Pro and iMovie to be replaced with new Movies app!
How would you feel about subscription models moving toward other areas?  If you could no longer buy or own music or books, only pay a monthly fee to access media - are you fine with that? In an extreme model there was a recent story of automakers wanting to prohibit self-repair or modification of vehicles (link) - maybe we shouldn't own vehicles, only lease? Just curious about people's opinions.
New Posts  All Forums: