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 Wholeheartedly agree.  If a vinyl recording sounds better it's because the source was mastered better, not because of the media.
lossless audio, and an overhaul of the iTunes app on OSX and Music app on iOS.
can Lightroom be purchased, or is it part of the new "rent-for-life" scheme?   I'm just a hobbiest photographer and like Apple's Aperture, but I can see switching to Lightroom if Apple doesn't keep up.
Thanks, but I'll stick with Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.
Edward Norton as Steve Jobs
 This is misleading, Jef Raskin was the father of the Macintosh, and GUI concepts predated Xerox.  Apple built a new product with a different purpose from Xerox using some of these same concepts and inventing others.  link
I started with an Apple ][+ in high school, couldn't afford a computer in college, but used many SE's, ci's, cx's, in the lab for classwork (BFA).  Post college, at work I've used quadra 650's and all sorts of PowerMacs. Still own a Classic II, a G4 Cube, a G5 PowerMac, a i7 iMac, and all sorts of iPods/iPads.
 that's patented 
I believe Apple used some concepts that pre-dated Xerox PARC, some concepts from Xerox PARC, and developed new ideas of their own, in order to create a unique, innovative product.
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