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i thought only surgeons got "god complexes" - i guess judges do too.
...ummm... tacos
BeatCoins by Dre
 Thank you!
Still waiting for larger cover art view, the mini player is much too small.  I don't understand why they took that away.  (yes, I periodically request that feature in the appropriate form)
    Quote: Thirded.
Edward Norton!  I think he can capture the geeky and furious side of Jobs.
 Wholeheartedly agree.  If a vinyl recording sounds better it's because the source was mastered better, not because of the media.
lossless audio, and an overhaul of the iTunes app on OSX and Music app on iOS.
can Lightroom be purchased, or is it part of the new "rent-for-life" scheme?   I'm just a hobbiest photographer and like Apple's Aperture, but I can see switching to Lightroom if Apple doesn't keep up.
New Posts  All Forums: