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Aperture was updated to v3.5 in October, and more recently to 3.5.1. Don't think it's dead just yet.
Why so dismissive? I think this would be a great idea on a family iPad. Each family member has their own user, their own apps and their own customisations. If one account gets corrupted or, God forbid, infected by malware, you login to the admin user and delete the account. Each account would also be able to sync with it's own iTunes library/Apple ID.
I hate to sound pedantic but shouldn't that read "undermine" without a "d".
Agreed.But why did the labels cave into DRM-free sales? They were desperate and they've suffered a great deal over the last decade. The studios most certainly aren't desperate, at least not yet. They make the vast majority of their cash on everything but digital and they're still turning healthy profits, even if DVD sales are slowing.If Hulu, iTunes and all the others could have things their way, they'd make all content available for rental and sale all the time. But the...
Apple are doing everything they can to sell more devices. For the moment iTunes revenue is a needle in a gigantic haystack of licensing cash for the studios.
Like [✓] Totally agree with everything you say. But I also think that in 5 years we'll all be telling the Wintel folk that we've been downloading our OS from the internet for ages when Microsoft finally give up optical media and switch to internet delivery. Your argument about Apple's walled garden App Store policies still stand, of course.
The combo update is just over 1GB. Is that what you downloaded? That would explain the size.http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1399
I was a bit skeptical when Ping was announced but I signed up anyway and it's been growing on me ever since. Its purpose is not simply to talk about music with your friends (as someone further up the page was suggesting). It serves - I think - as a kind of social recommendation engine for iTunes. Seeing what my friends are buying or "liking" motivates me to check out whatever it is they're listening to. And more often than not, I'll buy it. I buy music much more regularly...
Will the final release also be released with developers?
New Posts  All Forums: