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If Oprah was running Google, all the developers would have looked under their seats and found the keys to a new Google Self-Driving Car. This would be a massive opportunity for Google developers - when the passengers are being driven by the car to their destination they don't have anything to do, so Android could just flash ads on the dashboard display screen for the riders to watch. And Google could make the ads location-aware so if you are driving down the street your...
There are plenty of webcams out there that will do what DropCam does. I have two D-Link cams that I can connect to remotely over the Internet. They can also be set to record to a dedicated security monitor device, a server or NAS box. Not sure why any company would pay $555M for it.
Your high and mighty passing of judgement on all others is pathetic.  You have no dignity. Questioning the spending of $3 Billion by Apple on a music service and two guys is not trolling.  A lot of people question why Apple would spend so much on something they would have created on their own in the past.  I have been a Tim Cook fan, but I have to question this move.
The "wearable market" could be bigger for the liability lawyers than the product manufacturers...   "I was hit by a car while crossing the street wearing Google Glasses"   "My heart rate monitor said my pulse was fine, and then I had a heart attack"   "My blood sugar monitor was showing I had low blood sugar, so I drank 2 liters of cola a day"   "Class action lawsuit filed by lawyers for customers who believed wearable computer technology vendors would not sell...
I will be saving up for some wearable technology right after I get that 3D TV I keep seeing ads for. And a Netbook. And a new CB radio.
Beats is working on a new wearable kevlar vest with a "iBustaCap" sensor to detect when you have been shot, and automatically call 911 - if you have Location Services turned on.   They are also working on a new crowd sourcing app called "Drive-By"   People had been complaining that when they were shot they had trouble getting help from Siri.   "I have found fifteen hospitals close to you" is not what you want to hear.  Of course with Google voice search you will get a...
"OK Google, recommend a nearby restaurant for dinner" "Based on your location, and all the information we have compiled on you from all your past Google searches and gmail messages, Google has a recommendation for you, but first Google will show you ads for 4 other restaurants that have paid us money to promote them. "Google is sorry you are not interested in any of the restaurants in those ads - Google recommends you go to the 7-Eleven around the corner and get a...
Still not worth billions. Only tarnishes the Apple brand, does not improve it.
 It would be good if you knew it all about accounting so you can understand the financial difference between buying a company and buying back stock.   
They might look to Ricoh or Xerox for a new design chief.
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