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I think I will wait for the HD Kindle TV,  Paperwhite is great for reading books in the sun, but not so much for watching video.    :)   Seriously, until someone can serve up a la carte channel selection all the streaming TV solutions will be similar to the Apple TV and Roku.   Amazon's play will be serving up the Prime video they already offer,  plus maybe they will let you shop online from your TV.  Oh joy. Based on their Kindle model Amazon will practically give...
If Apple hires an "aroma therapy" expert, or someone who has published a book about "Pyramid Power" I am going to get worried.
I think this is known as "Khardasianing a phone"
Just the facts please... How many e-books that these states purchased were supposedly "price fixed"? What was the cost increase of each e-book due to this alleged price fixing? Will the states be able to stick with their original publishers under the new plan, or will they be forced to go to a new publisher? And how much more will they pay?
"please hire the people that have been living off unemployment for 99 weeks because that evil congress won't let me keep printing up money to extended those benefits indefinitely, or at least until the next election"
 The torx drive I had was about 10 inches long.  And you needed the "case popper tool". Repairability is all relative to the time.  These days very little is repairable by the users. iFixit may have dinged the 128k Mac for soldered RAM chips, but I have one sitting right here that I un-soldered the original RAM chips from and replaced with larger capacity chips to make a 512K Mac.  And added a SCSI port.    You could buy a kit with the connectors and parts you needed and...
Well I will worry when the acquire Fleet Labs.
The increase in traffic in the USA for iOS devices probably all came from the NSA. In Canada it was from usage by RIM executives calling headhunters and financial advisors.
Wow, it is a shame the USB standards body wasn't following your tweets four years ago.  Let's hope they wise up.
Maybe Google could buy Alcatraz and put a store there?
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