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"OK Google, recommend a nearby restaurant for dinner" "Based on your location, and all the information we have compiled on you from all your past Google searches and gmail messages, Google has a recommendation for you, but first Google will show you ads for 4 other restaurants that have paid us money to promote them. "Google is sorry you are not interested in any of the restaurants in those ads - Google recommends you go to the 7-Eleven around the corner and get a...
Still not worth billions. Only tarnishes the Apple brand, does not improve it.
 It would be good if you knew it all about accounting so you can understand the financial difference between buying a company and buying back stock.   
They might look to Ricoh or Xerox for a new design chief.
More stuff where I will have to share my personal info in "the Cloud" ?     Sorry, not interested.  
They should have bought the app "Couch Potato"... that would go great on Facebook.
 The fee is to hook these customers to the power grid, because the power companies are required to buy back any excess power these customers generate.  Seems like a reasonable thing to ask for.   Or should we just give it to them free and buy all the power they generate even if it is not needed?   But you cannot trust those "fight wing" nuts, can you?    
"I will be working at the Apple WWDC...  would you like some fries with that?"    
Will someone please hire Daniel Erin Dilger for a real paying job so he can quit writing these business school term papers.
"The first hit of crack is free"   Microsoft always loves the "subscription model"  where they get those regular monthly or annual payments to keep there hooks into and get that regular revenue stream.  They are not the only company that thinks that way - it has become very popular.   Personally I don't want a product that requires me to put all my documents up in "the Cloud" on someone else's servers.   It seems harder and harder to find tools that do not require you...
New Posts  All Forums: