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Poor Al Gore.   No one takes him cereal anymore.   Even having him on the board wasn't enough "green cred" to get the big bad corporate Apple a pass with the enviro-terrorist crowd.   If hiring the former EPA head does not work, next they will have to hire Man-Bear-Pig.
Another baseless rumor. The only logical thing for Apple to do is to crush the competition with a 17 inch iPhone. Let's see Samsung top that.
Apple's new campus that Steve Jobs helped designed is really a spaceship that Apple plans to use to search for intelligent life in the universe, because they can't find it in Washington, DC.
Wow, did I click on googleinsider.com by mistake today?
  You have oversimplified things based on a limited perspective.  Wages (gross or net) do not equate buying power.  You must factor in the costs of what is being purchased. (which includes taxes and fees on those items).           Consumer Prices in United States are 19.13% lower than in France Consumer Prices Including Rent in United States are 13.96% lower than in France Rent Prices in United States are 1.16% higher than in France Restaurant Prices in United States are...
  Well I have enjoyed a number of delicious French foods from my local gourmet shop here in the US, including Camembert,  but it may not have been non-pasteurized.  Not sure if they would allow that to be imported.  I will have to check the next time.   We get to enjoy some of your nice delicacies, and we send you McDonald's and "Le Royal with Cheese" !  
If they change the name of the Apple products to "Le iPhone",  "Le Tablet Petit" and "Le Tablet Grande" would that make them happy?   Funny, a co-worker returned today from a trip to France.  Her comments were "everything they sell were things we can already buy in the US or online, except they jacked the prices up".   They can charge any tax they want, but the French citizens will be the one's that pay.   
  You don't get it.   This is about getting some "free market" back into the equation, and not more "big government".   Governments are what gave the cable companies near monopoly positions in most markets.  This is an attempt to force cable providers to provide consumers choice.     Quit trying to draw lines and just lumping people into categories based on what the mainstream media tells you they should be.  Think deeper and understand the real issues.
This is why the iPhone 5s is delayed.  They are having trouble fitting a remotely operated Taser into the case and still keeping it thin.   But when they release the "iTaser the crook who stole my iPhone" app, it will be a big hit on the AppStore   NY Times - protecting the innocent criminals on the street against those evil corporations who make products that people would want to sell.  I am waiting on an editorial promoting a  "Obama iPhones for Everyone"...
The Silicon Valley venture capital play... "Spread rumor that Apple is trying to buy you. Waiting for phone call that shows GOOGLE on the caller ID"... Most of the start up companies in the "cloud hype" world really will not make Google or anyone else much money in the long run. Once the cloud / social media hype dies down as companies figure out the true costs & benefits the VC crowd and the tech media will have to find something else to hype. Congrats to the Wavii...
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