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This is why the iPhone 5s is delayed.  They are having trouble fitting a remotely operated Taser into the case and still keeping it thin.   But when they release the "iTaser the crook who stole my iPhone" app, it will be a big hit on the AppStore   NY Times - protecting the innocent criminals on the street against those evil corporations who make products that people would want to sell.  I am waiting on an editorial promoting a  "Obama iPhones for Everyone"...
The Silicon Valley venture capital play... "Spread rumor that Apple is trying to buy you. Waiting for phone call that shows GOOGLE on the caller ID"... Most of the start up companies in the "cloud hype" world really will not make Google or anyone else much money in the long run. Once the cloud / social media hype dies down as companies figure out the true costs & benefits the VC crowd and the tech media will have to find something else to hype. Congrats to the Wavii...
Speculators vs Investors...   Speculators are mad because they can't make quick money in the short-term churning Apple stock   Investors see strong financials, a huge loyal customer base, excellent products, great cash reserve, plans to increase the dividends and stock buy backs and see that Apple should out perform the market and most companies for years ahead.   Buy and hold.
The stock price of many tech companies is totally out of line with what smart long-term value investors would value them at.  The price of Apple, Google and others were driven up by speculative investors chasing any kind of gains during the economic recession.  Adjustments were inevitable. Speculative investors will always chase the hot stocks in the news, and I am sure many of those hedge funds made some nice profits on Apple, but now they are chasing the next big thing...
Ich bin ein Fan Boy Serve up some Jelly Doughnuts at the grand opening!
  Same here.  Never heard of them before this week.  Now I don't load my iPhone up with every free app that comes along, so maybe I missed it   12 billion outgoing SPAM messages per day?
  Kind of like the Nobel Peace Prize ?
When are they going to get LTE for Mayberry? I get tired of yelling "AnnnnDEEEE" when I want get hold of the sheriff.
First there will be the iPhone 5r for "rumors" and then the iPhone 5a for "anal-ysts" and finally the iPhone 5smb for "suck my .... "
Analysts predict Apple to release less expensive plastic iCampus iSpaceShip.     Asian rumor sites are showing what may be fake photos of iCampus cases, for Apple fans who want to cover up the cheap plastic look:       Supply chain analyst, Sukkma Balhs, thinks Apple will release a new iCampus Mini, but it won't be retina quality, at least in the first release. 
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