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They will release a ceramic Apple TV first.   So they can test out the process on a lower volume "hobby" product.  
They are basing this on the assumption that people who tweet about something really matter?   If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to listen, does it make a sound?"   If a bunch of twits tweet about something, does the real world even care?   90% of media today seems to be the media making noise about each other and themselves and 10% actually communicating new and useful information.
And monkeys will fly out of my b*tt.
Of course it will have to be non-retina, all retina display production will be tied up producing millions of iWatches.   You will get a free plastic iPhone with every iWatch.  
The emissions increase comes from all the hot air generated by industry analysts, media pundits and other members of the Hirudinea subclass.
He was hired to bring a skeuomorphic Flash player to iOS.  End of Story.
If the warranty regulations are different in each EU country, than that is problem for not only Apple but every other business. I suspect the reason Apple gets singled out is because they are making lots of money and they are a big visible target. Maybe Apple does need to do more in certain countries, but I don't think they are maliciously trying rip consumers off. Apple understands that keeping a current customer happy is as important as getting new customers. When I...
The tech media is running out of things to hype.  If you are in the business of generating noise, you have to regularly chew on something new and spit out or you will be out of a job, if even what you are hyping is really not that important.   A watch that requires regular recharging is an immediate fail.  Even if it runs for a few days.     The people who will wear a watch like this are the ones who still walk around with a bluetooth earpiece on all the time,...
Twitters, blogs, media pundits, analysts and evangelists.   People who generate noise for a living.  They have to have something to talk about.  Even if it is out of their arses.   
This is all part of a strategy refocusing at Google.   Despite Android's success it has not generated the kind of revenues Google would like.  They are going to go after developing markets where they can establish a foothold.   After Eric Schmidt visited North Korea Google decided that it was probably biggest opportunity out there because no one in North Korea has a cell phone yet. Heck they don't even have computers.  That is a huge market for not only Android and...
New Posts  All Forums: