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Sorry all you little whiners, but Alan Kay was visionary before Steve Jobs even thought about a carrot only diet.      And Alan Kay is 100% correct - the iPad is not designed for creation and sharing, it's oriented for consumption. It really is crippled.   And I have been buying Apple products since 1982 when I got my Apple II.    When you look at Kay's contributions to computer design, user interfaces, and object oriented programming, he set the groundwork...
Hello Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, Any interest in having electronic assembly plants built in your country? We have cash to spend! Signed, Tim Cook
I guess the Japanese have a patent on "pixelation of genitalia" so they had to go with adding skirts?
They will release a ceramic Apple TV first.   So they can test out the process on a lower volume "hobby" product.  
They are basing this on the assumption that people who tweet about something really matter?   If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to listen, does it make a sound?"   If a bunch of twits tweet about something, does the real world even care?   90% of media today seems to be the media making noise about each other and themselves and 10% actually communicating new and useful information.
And monkeys will fly out of my b*tt.
Of course it will have to be non-retina, all retina display production will be tied up producing millions of iWatches.   You will get a free plastic iPhone with every iWatch.  
The emissions increase comes from all the hot air generated by industry analysts, media pundits and other members of the Hirudinea subclass.
He was hired to bring a skeuomorphic Flash player to iOS.  End of Story.
If the warranty regulations are different in each EU country, than that is problem for not only Apple but every other business. I suspect the reason Apple gets singled out is because they are making lots of money and they are a big visible target. Maybe Apple does need to do more in certain countries, but I don't think they are maliciously trying rip consumers off. Apple understands that keeping a current customer happy is as important as getting new customers. When I...
New Posts  All Forums: