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I bet it would get used a lot more for creating graphics if Apple would provide a proper iOS level interface for pen and stylus use. Using a finger is great for almost tasks on an iPad, except drawing. Integrated stylus support would be far more useful than adding more functionality to Siri. You can't always talk to your iOS device.
Can anyone say "Fiscal Cliff"?   If you were an investor who had acquired a large number of shares when Apple stock was at a lower price, and you were concerned that there maybe an increase in taxes on capital gains, selling off your Apple stock and taking your profits before the end of 2012 makes a lot of sense.
    One question, is Android "winning" like Charlie Sheen "winning"?  
  If transit should be free and managed by the state, shouldn't cell phone use be free to?   Well at least for 47% of the people?    We will only be a free and equal country when everyone has an unlimited data plan, right?
The average consumer only cares if they can pay their "muntlies"...   If the monthly cost for their cell phone goes up, they will just lower how much they are paying on their credit card debt..     You must consume.  Buy more, use more. Must have the latest gadget to impress everyone.     I wonder how much a month social security will cover of their phone bill?
Palomino !   Palomino!
It would have been better if they had Mila Kunis playing Joan Baez.   
Will the shoes come with geo-locating?   I could really use a "Where are my shoes?"  app for my idevice.   And they could also add this to clothing.   Because I definitely need a "Where are my pants?"  app.
  The SE was "platinum".  A more silver-grey color.    The original Mac and Mac 512 were the same color as the Apple II cases.  Maybe slightly darker.  The Apple IIc was the first Apple computer in silly white kitchen appliance white plastic.   I will have to see if my original Mac will still boot after 29 years.  It has been a few years since I have taken it out of the official Apple carrying case   And thanks to Steve and the Mac team for leading the way for all those...
Remember that the price swings in Apple stock price have zero to do with Apple's true goal of creating great, high-quality products that its customers like. This is all about people who try to make money off of guessing what the Apple price will be at a certain point in time. I would hate to call them "investors" - they don't really invest in a company - that is too long-term. They are looking to make money on the short-term movement of the stock price. They are...
New Posts  All Forums: