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Maybe it was Jake & Elwood.  And they were on a mission from God?
We do not care.
He just needs to lose the tie.  Oppenheimer does own a suit.  When he talks to investors he doesn't wear a black turtleneck.  
  "He is credited with having given Eminem's demo tape to Dr. Dre, who signed him to his Aftermath label."   That right there qualifies him for an award for setting back music ten years.  
  Oh come on now.  Cut Bill some slack.   Apple has Al Gore.  And he sold out to Al Jazerra.
Were you "left off" the memo?     No, they were there to steal french fries.  Everyone knows Tim Cooks steals french fries.  No one at Apple will sit with him in the cafeteria because of it.     What did you think they were going there for?  Give away money?  
  The decision to sell is a lot more complex than just following what some "analysts" are predicting and what the current share price is.  You need to consider at what price you paid for the stock, tax considerations, and what your investment portfolio and strategy is.   Some people will view lowered Apple prices as an opportunity to buy more shares.     When you consider the alternatives with what you can do with your money - what else would you invest your money in...
Samsung has hired the Khardasian's to be the spokespersons for their new "phablets".   Because they had pants pockets big enough to hold a "phablet"
The largest Apple shareholders are all large mutual funds, a number of them index funds that hold a large number shares to match their investment prospectus of having an asset portfolio that matches the distribution of a certain market segment.     These large mutual funds don't care if Apple's share price is $542 or $54.20.  They have sufficient funds to purchase the Apple shares they want to/have to. And most of them do not buy and sell for the short-term to make...
  Or it say's a lot about your perception of reality.   I bet you don't like bacon.
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