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I will wait for the 2nd version of iWatch which will come with the hi-rez retina screen.   And Apple better not release another new watch for at least one year after I buy mine.     Because Steve would have never let this happen...
    Different ships are built with different design goals.  This is certainly not a WallyPower.   Photos of a ship at rest don't always reveal important details.  What goes below the waterline is important. Steve had other design goals in mind.   Here is an early prototype of an iYacht that Steve had built and then later rejected - but he did keep a number important features, he just hid them.  
I wonder if the music system onboard has an old style iPod connector, or a new Lightning connector? It is the largest docking station for iOS devices ever built,
Anyone want to buy a Segway?   "Home Automation" has been going on for 25 years or more, but much of it has not developed beyond "X10".   Different companies with different product lines and usually different protocols.  There has been some progress over the years on integration, but you can't go down to Best Buy or Lowe's and get home automation system that you can take home and plug in and interconnect with all your lights, environmental systems, security and home...
  It could be someone of Filipino or Indian decent who is living in Texas...
Well if he can't be Time Man of the Year, can they at least give him a Nobel Peace Prize?
It does not matter, the world ends on Friday.  Just ask the Mayans.   But if the world did not end Friday, it would be reasonable to expect that some time in the future Apple will release a hi-rez iPad mini.     The bigger question might be hi-rez Thunderbolt Displays?  Or new Mac Pro's?      Maybe the anal-lysts can't see those in the future without a hi-rez display.   Maybe if the Mayans had a higher resolution tablets they could have made a longer...
  What kind on nonsense are you spewing?  Erie, PA is in the USA, not UK.   Are you trying to make some reference to another case?  If so, provide some links and some type of tie-in to how this is related to the topic of this thread.    Oh wait..
Well that is great.  I planned on spending the next two weeks in the Australian outback wilderness and was worried I might get lost.
  You forgot that a lot Apple's technology came from Roswell, NM.
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