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Sounds like some people will soon be "visiting their relatives up north".   
I am afraid I will be politically incorrect and use a LGBT emoticon in the wrong way and offend someone. That would be worse than be labeled a global warming denier. I think I will play it safe and go back to just plain text. Anyone remember this guy? No he is not a emoji or emoticon. He was born before Apple even started.
And BMW & Mercedes continue to post strong sales, despite increased sales by Kia and Hyundia.
SXSW has become like another MacWorld.   Really not worth a special app, or Apple spending time and money on it.
They need to add a sculpture to the front of it to get it approved in San Francisco.    Something attractive like this:  
"I voted for Samsung and Google !!!"     "I won't admire Apple until they make an iPhone with an 8 inch screen with holster to hang it from my Segway"  
Apple will need that added GPU horsepower for that 14 inch larger iPhone with 9999 dpi screen resolution they have to release to keep up with all the Androids.     Or maybe they will add it to the Apple TV and make it capable of playing video games?
I think I will wait for the HD Kindle TV,  Paperwhite is great for reading books in the sun, but not so much for watching video.    :)   Seriously, until someone can serve up a la carte channel selection all the streaming TV solutions will be similar to the Apple TV and Roku.   Amazon's play will be serving up the Prime video they already offer,  plus maybe they will let you shop online from your TV.  Oh joy. Based on their Kindle model Amazon will practically give...
If Apple hires an "aroma therapy" expert, or someone who has published a book about "Pyramid Power" I am going to get worried.
I think this is known as "Khardasianing a phone"
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