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  "enlightened progressives" is an oxymoron...   thanks for living in the USA for a long time and passing judgement on others.  the line about "I have not met anyone in the US who is the violently bigoted who could spell correctly"   made me fall out of my chair laughing.  omnipotent are we?   bad spelling = bigot?      There is fear and loathing at the FoxConn factory,  and Hunter Thompson would have thrown up on you and then passed out.  
Late word out of China today is that one of the factory workers, Ji Ma Ho Fah, has decided to organize a workers union at the the FoxConn factory.
When they start making the iPhone 6 from the liquid metal alloy Apple invested hundreds of millions of dollars in for exclusive rights, customers won't be complaining about scratches any more.   They will be complaining about splashes.
Maybe FoxConn could hire some American Airlines pilots for quality control?
I would bet my left ARM? Actually Steve thought it would be insanely great to run everything on an updated, super fast version of a 6502 processor so it would be easy to run IIe games without an emulator. If you don't think a company as big as Apple with their deep pockets is not researching all options for the future, then you are crazy. Apple's release of new Macs has been delayed because of Intel. The Ivy Bridge chips releases were delayed by Intel and this has...
    No this is a minor blip for ARM, if anything.   If Apple, Qualcom, or Samsung use their own ARM processors, they are still using ARM Intellectual Property.    So it is at worst a wash for ARM.    Do you know how many different devices use some sort of ARM IP?   Do you know how many different processors TI makes that use ARM?  It is not just OMAP.   TI has a long history of selling in to the embedded processors and DSP markets.   Your car probably has a number of TI...
Antenna-gate Maps-gate Scuff-gate Steve never would have let this happen-gate Like a fool I order my iPhone5 on the first day-gate My Cheap Plastic Android Sucks-gate Hate-gate
Anytime you start a thread and sight Salon as a source you have thrown out any chance for intelligent discussion.   Since you want to start such silly threads...  When Obama shows everyone his birth certificate, Romney will drop out of the race for questioning the POTUS about his foreign policy.   So is the USA supposed to be like China, Russia, or Syria where questioning the actions of the political leaders is considered a crime?   If the Libya incident had...
Some people are suffering from wi-fi issues, the rest are just tards trying to post to Facebook My thoughts and prayers go out to the clueless who all are rushing out to upgrade to iOS6. Thanks for finding all the problems for us. Did you RTFM? Steve would have never allowed Facebook crap in an Apple product. Why let some other company define your brand and own your customers? Steve never had a Facebook page. Steve never tweeted. Steve would have laughed at the...
They don't look like they spend all day updating their Facebook pages.
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