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The recent disclosure that uncovered that Verizon still uses CDMA to handle voice calls, while using LTE for data only helps explain why Verizon would be OK with FaceTime calls, and not AT
It includes a hand crank and a rotary dial.
I have not seen any "Mormon ads", maybe they are customized just for you,Dysamoria?
Equonne? 100 kinds of dumb.
  How do people get their unlimited $30 per month data plan grandfathered to cover an iPad?   The AT&T uniimited plans were only available on iPhones.  You can grandfather it over to a new iPhone, but how do you add an iPad to that same unlimited plan?    I thought you got a new plan when you get a iPad with cellular.
  And you would be the expert on getting excited holding something a millimeter thick in your hand...
Well that is a very specific verdict.  Line by line, patent by patent, device by device.  Apple did not win on every item or every device.  That to me shows the jury gave some thought to their decision.   The interesting thing will be how and what Samsung tries to appeal and on what justification.  Questioning the juries verdict on individual items would be hard.  It would seem Samsung will need to show some issue with the process of how the trial was run, the...
Steve wanted a machine that could capture a person's "underlying spirit"   Back when Apple started, so did all his co-workers, because Steve did not like bathing, using deodorant, or wearing shoes.   One day, all the media jerks will stop trying to make a buck off a dead guy.  Steve had his good points and bad ones, just like everyone else.  Let Steve rest in peace.
Gruber and Dalrymple   Two puds in a pod.   Shaking hands with every Mister Johnson in Cupertino's bars to get some hot action for their "prognostications".   They are right about what is plainly obvious most of the time.
The smaller Mini iPad does not suit my requirements.  I need a larger screen.   I am holding out for the 15 inch Maxi iPad.
New Posts  All Forums: