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   Sarcasm or dooshbag?     Sometimes it is hard to tell here.
Oh the humanity !    I can't upgrade instantly so I can taunt all my other noob friends that "I upgraded first"   Please choose one of the following:   - "this would have never happened if Steve was still around" - "this is all Tim Cook's fault" - "this never happens to Androids" - "this never happens to Androids because they never release software upgrades" - "no I meant real androids, like robots. They would never let this happen" - "the Woz is...
  that is why they only give kids scissors with rounded ends and make sure the paste they use is non-toxic and edible.
Developers, developers, developers...   MS is not going away,  They have just become the GM of tech companies,  They will continue to exist because they have a hold on a large portion of the IT business that a certain segment of the market feels safe in consuming.  IBM used to be the company that "nobody got fired for recommending".  MS took away the King of FUD crown from IBM.     Computers are just tools used to solve problems. Companies will still be using...
"They both describe smart hearing aids that could wirelessly connect to devices to make life easier for users with hearing issues."   So it sounds like there will be hearing aids that are also Bluetooth headphones?   That is great for the hearing impaired, but I don't put this in the category of some major technology innovation.  Seems like a logical extension of current microelectronics trends.
  So there you go lumping all females into one stereotypical group.  Why shouldn't women be allowed to post mean, narrow-minded, negative posts?   
Does that mean I should go get my retina MBP out of the dumpster and recycle it instead?
And who is auditing Greenpeace?
  If you are going to be a pouty little fan boi about it, go visit GrammarInsider or Punctuation Rumors.     Did you really imagine that any of the news or rumor sites were run by professionals with a background in either computer science or journalism?   99% of them are run by people who probably can't even get a job at an Apple store.  Their big score is to hope a drunk Apple employee leaves a iPhone prototype at a bar in Cupertino.     What is amazing is that some of...
  Do I think Tim Cook is stupid?  No.   Do I think San Francisco is stupid?  Definitely   Do I think most of the people posting here are stupid?  Most definitely.
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