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Is Julian Assange the attorney for Samsung?
I think Microsoft is missing their target audience.   Trying to compete with Apple with fancy stores in malls or high-rent shopping districts is a waste of time and money.   They should focus on improving customer service by having locations with a drive-thru window.       And a bald clown head to give your orders to.
Papermaster had been at IBM before Apple - and was involved in a lawsuit with IBM over non-compete and trade secret issues that prevented him from starting to work at Apple for an extended period of time.   It is easy for the press to make these "executives" seem like they are solely responsible for a product.   "Keller was responsible for building Apple's custom System on a Chip designs"   But there is actually a team of people working on those...
Time for Apple to move...       The MTA can find a new customer.   Maybe Google or Microsoft can rent it to sell their phones.
One case will be like the iPad Smart Cases, with little magnets to automatically connect and position it, and the other one will have a flip-out bluetooth keyboard to satisfy the Blackberry crowd.   Or they could have a bunch of colorful cases with Disney characters on them like Mickey, Goofy, and Daffy.  For the corporate executive crowd.   Don't you just love rumors?
Geez, lawyers. I wonder how many of them dream every night about suing Apple and its big cash hoard.     It would be nice if we had a law that for every frivolous case a lawyer files, and loses, they get an appendage cut off.  A hand or a foot to start.     Apple paid a 58% premium over what the market had valued AuthenTec at.   If the board of directors had not taken that offer, they could have breached their duty to the stockholders as well.  
You answered my question.  It was the latter.
   Sarcasm or dooshbag?     Sometimes it is hard to tell here.
Oh the humanity !    I can't upgrade instantly so I can taunt all my other noob friends that "I upgraded first"   Please choose one of the following:   - "this would have never happened if Steve was still around" - "this is all Tim Cook's fault" - "this never happens to Androids" - "this never happens to Androids because they never release software upgrades" - "no I meant real androids, like robots. They would never let this happen" - "the Woz is...
  that is why they only give kids scissors with rounded ends and make sure the paste they use is non-toxic and edible.
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