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And who is auditing Greenpeace?
  If you are going to be a pouty little fan boi about it, go visit GrammarInsider or Punctuation Rumors.     Did you really imagine that any of the news or rumor sites were run by professionals with a background in either computer science or journalism?   99% of them are run by people who probably can't even get a job at an Apple store.  Their big score is to hope a drunk Apple employee leaves a iPhone prototype at a bar in Cupertino.     What is amazing is that some of...
  Do I think Tim Cook is stupid?  No.   Do I think San Francisco is stupid?  Definitely   Do I think most of the people posting here are stupid?  Most definitely.
Yeah, but will it have a retina display?     Has to have a retina display or I won't believe the rumor.   Oh, and Thunderbolt too.
  The real reason is that Apple only supports Thunderbolt and USB ports and has not adopted the new GLBT universal access ports.
  The Woz could be reading this thread right now !    
  I would argue that dating Kathy Griffin is about the lowest Woz has sunk in the last 30 years.  Not funny, not attractive, and never shuts up.   
LMAO.  So many tax law geniuses, and world economic experts posting here today.      I really enjoy the ones from the self-appointed gods & emperors of the world who issue their personal edict and judgement on every topic.   I could run through the list and name all the pubes going off about social issues and evil countries or corporations.   Though art omnipotent !  And probably impotent.   Do any of you actually have a paying job?  Some real world experience?...
Will it be "buttery smooth"  ?
  I wonder if there are Apple fan bois who visit Android news & rumor sites to troll?     Are there any Android news & rumor sites?   Triple buffer with v-sync sounds like some overhead that only certain devices will be able to support.  Also sounds like the are grasping for straws because they are inherently flawed because they are running bytecode in a VM and the graphics are not that easy to handoff to the GPU units. 
New Posts  All Forums: