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  I would argue that dating Kathy Griffin is about the lowest Woz has sunk in the last 30 years.  Not funny, not attractive, and never shuts up.   
LMAO.  So many tax law geniuses, and world economic experts posting here today.      I really enjoy the ones from the self-appointed gods & emperors of the world who issue their personal edict and judgement on every topic.   I could run through the list and name all the pubes going off about social issues and evil countries or corporations.   Though art omnipotent !  And probably impotent.   Do any of you actually have a paying job?  Some real world experience?...
Will it be "buttery smooth"  ?
  I wonder if there are Apple fan bois who visit Android news & rumor sites to troll?     Are there any Android news & rumor sites?   Triple buffer with v-sync sounds like some overhead that only certain devices will be able to support.  Also sounds like the are grasping for straws because they are inherently flawed because they are running bytecode in a VM and the graphics are not that easy to handoff to the GPU units. 
But The Simpson's did it first !
Seems odd that Motorola can sue over a Wi-fi patents since Apple does not make its own Wi-fi chips as far as I know.  They purchase chips from companies like Broadcom that Apple then integrates into their devices.  These chips are similar to wi-fi chips used in other manufacturers devices.     To create and sell these chips companies like Broadcom would be required to pay the license fees (and pass the cost on to its customers).  Many of these companies may also hold...
I can't wait for the photos of Steve Balmer in a giant yellow outfit touring a factory in China waving at workers making the MS zune tablet.
The first Mac I purchased cost $2495.     It only had a few apps that ran correctly on it.  MacWrite and MacPaint.     The screen was not exactly "retina" scale.  More like "dot matrix.   And that Mac only came with 128K of memory.  And no hard drive.   Do I think it was worth it?   Sure.  
I saw the unboxings, and the tear downs of a whole MBPR, and now the tear downs of the MBPR display.     What I really want to see is a tear down of the the boxes the MBPR comes in...    What kind of paper and cardboard is Apple using?   Is it a proprietary box design? How do they fold the corners?   Did they copy the design from Android?   Did they use a special glue?   Did Steve work on the box designs for the new MBPR on his deathbed?   How many...
Tim got upset after he got some sub-standard french fries at the Foxconn cafeteria.
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