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LOL - who do you think taught Steve how to cut down supply chain fat and reduce inventory and waste?  = Tim Cook.       All the "second coming of Steve" crap is a joke - do people really think all the great products and progress Apple made in the last 10 years was all done personally by Steve Jobs?   Really?   It takes thousands of Apple employees years to roll out these new products.  One of the best thing Steve did when he returned was to hire smart people and let them...
I bet the judge is mad at Apple because Tim Cook stole his french fries.
They are angry because they saw the specs on the new MacBook Pros they are assembling and are mad at Apple.     How do you say  "Steve would have never let this happen"  in Chinese?   Apple needs to move all production to union run factories in the United States that are 100% green and sell all its products at below cost so the press and all the watchdog groups will love them.  And they should take all those obscene profits and pay off every student loan and if...
If you never update or patch them after you release them, you can push a whole lot of OSs.    Can we get CP/M on a tablet please?
Where exactly does that $500M go?    Linus Torvalds?   Lawyers?       The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux. Seems like some sort of marketing / public image move by Samsung to make it look like they are a benevolent concerned organization.   I wonder how much they have paid lawyers fighting Apple?     $500M would feed a lot of starving kids, or buy a lot of razors for Linux programmers.
Gonna save this message so we can come back to it later after next week's announcement, and then we can see what is 100% fake.
  You don't know what they are pricing this model at.  It could be a low-end model designed to meet what a huge market of consumers are looking for.  Many of the parts in this model may not be the latest, thin, hottest ones out there, but they are going to be much easier and cheaper for Apple to obtain a steady supply of.     Apple has already offered different screen options in the 15" model and that is the market segment that is more likely to pay extra for a retina...
  A new version of HyperCard that let you create web-based apps using HTML5 would be very cool.   With ties to iCloud.   Now that would be something useful.
  Watch out, while you are blinded by sticking it in your eyes, Tim Cook might steal your french fries.
  I don't have Twitter configured in iOS5,  however I still get a button to "tweet" photos.    Can that be disabled?   I don't care how many "social networking" hooks they put in iOS, just let us turn them ALL off and don't annoy us with them unless we want it...   Remember "the computer for the rest of us"
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