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  Watch out, while you are blinded by sticking it in your eyes, Tim Cook might steal your french fries.
  I don't have Twitter configured in iOS5,  however I still get a button to "tweet" photos.    Can that be disabled?   I don't care how many "social networking" hooks they put in iOS, just let us turn them ALL off and don't annoy us with them unless we want it...   Remember "the computer for the rest of us"
Thunderbolt is essentially the PCI bus extended off the motherboard and onto cables.  Additional lines carry DisplayPort signals.   On desktops and laptops it is easier to support because 1) those systems already have a PCI bus,   2)  Intel is providing support for it on some chipsets, and it can be added to others with additional chips.   On an iPhone or iPad, the additional support required in terms of chips, space and power are not worth tradeoffs.  
Is this getting stupid?   "Yep"
I am looking forward to some MagSafe pants.   the iBelt
   Yes please.  Let me turn off all references to Twitter and Facebook.  There are apps for that.    Let Facebook make its own phone, apps, even desktop computers.   There are so many more useful and empowering things Apple can deliver to the user.  
Whatever they do, please just give me a Settings option to turn it all off.   
I hope the bring plenty of french fries for Tim.  
Steve "cracked" the secret of any new technology...   Apple TV's will come with free porn    
I find it funny that a product that Apple is supposed to be so disappointed in, is the main feature of the TV ads they are running now with stars like Samuel L Jackson, etc.  If Siri was such a big problem, why create more attention to it?   I don't use Siri as much as I could.  Part of it is just forgetting what Siri can do, and part of it is that my normal daily workflow is not something which has me needing to walk around asking it questions.  As I have used Siri...
New Posts  All Forums: