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Steve "cracked" the secret of any new technology...   Apple TV's will come with free porn    
I find it funny that a product that Apple is supposed to be so disappointed in, is the main feature of the TV ads they are running now with stars like Samuel L Jackson, etc.  If Siri was such a big problem, why create more attention to it?   I don't use Siri as much as I could.  Part of it is just forgetting what Siri can do, and part of it is that my normal daily workflow is not something which has me needing to walk around asking it questions.  As I have used Siri...
And in other news,  Al Qaeda is implementing a "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) program for its members.  
I heard he was going to be replaced by Ada.
  There will be a fee for re-using my joke from another thread.
  the word around the Apple campus is that he really never listens to what the people he is eating lunch with have to say, he is just doing it to steal their french fries.  
You need a girlfriend.   With a custom ROM.  And a life.
Which sells Android devices...   Which is the point of the whole story.   Face it, Google ripped off everyone in creating Android.  There is not an original thought in the whole mess, unless you think "hey this is a new way we can push ads at people" is innovative.
I don't know if the jury really was capable of understanding the technical details of what was presented.  Should be interesting to see Oracle's next step...   But Motorola (a division of Google) is not winning its cases...  here is another fun one to watch.   http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Mobile-and-Wireless/Microsoft-Wins-Patent-Suit-Against-Motorola-Android-Handsets-808814/
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