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Which sells Android devices...   Which is the point of the whole story.   Face it, Google ripped off everyone in creating Android.  There is not an original thought in the whole mess, unless you think "hey this is a new way we can push ads at people" is innovative.
I don't know if the jury really was capable of understanding the technical details of what was presented.  Should be interesting to see Oracle's next step...   But Motorola (a division of Google) is not winning its cases...  here is another fun one to watch.   http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Mobile-and-Wireless/Microsoft-Wins-Patent-Suit-Against-Motorola-Android-Handsets-808814/
Well at least they did not compare anyone to the Nazis.  Yet.   Next up, label them something "Big" so it makes them REALLY evil, like Big Tobacco or Big Oil.     "Big Apple"   whoops, that's already taken.   I notice that Samsung has a nice team of American lawyers.  I guess Apple can add all the lawyers for companies suing them to the list of jobs they have created in America.    I hope Apple files all of its legal briefs in electronic format only....
self-jerking aren't you?
And they would be built in China by FoxConn and made from Liquid Metal.
This thread should be a doozy...  all the wackos will be out in full fright.  I can't wait to read all the conspiracy theories and rambling nonsense from all sides.   It should provide a good laugh.   "Do you think you could do something about those Greenpeace crazies?"
I hope Steve cracked the problem of having the iPad slide down under the couch cushions.
I think I will be making a donation to the American Coal Council in the name of Greenpeace.   
Suck my Piper Jaffery...   Who pays these idiots?   They should run for congress.      
Mac security brought to you by the Russian Mafia.
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