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self-jerking aren't you?
And they would be built in China by FoxConn and made from Liquid Metal.
This thread should be a doozy...  all the wackos will be out in full fright.  I can't wait to read all the conspiracy theories and rambling nonsense from all sides.   It should provide a good laugh.   "Do you think you could do something about those Greenpeace crazies?"
I hope Steve cracked the problem of having the iPad slide down under the couch cushions.
I think I will be making a donation to the American Coal Council in the name of Greenpeace.   
Suck my Piper Jaffery...   Who pays these idiots?   They should run for congress.      
Mac security brought to you by the Russian Mafia.
I guess I need to start visiting TMZ.com to find out when Ashton will finally announce the release of  the new MacBook Pros, iMacs and Mac Pro's.    
And in other news Apple announced it will never release another Mac again.   If you want anything bigger than an iPad screen, you will have to wait for the 27" iPad Maxi that rumors have pegged for release in 2013.   No analysts or rumor sites have reported on this because they have been too busy frothing about Android vs iOS marketshare surveys and rumors of tiny tablets to compete against the low-budget Kindle that Amazon practically gave away during the Christmas...
Wake up   Be bold   Smell the roses   Take a chill pill   Pull the wedgie out of your crack   Get in line at the unemployment agency   Signed, RIM Management 
New Posts  All Forums: