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Exactly...   Some part that MIGHT be for a new iPhone that is months away, but we can't get any info on new Macs that should be coming now that Intel has released Ivy Bridge chips.   Unless Apple is getting out of the Mac business, they have to have factories starting to crank out an initial inventory of new Macs.  And yet no news or rumors?   Tomorrow we will get more stories about "iPhone vs Android  market share"
Oh No !   I guess that means I will have to sell my iPhone and get a Samsung.   These "market surveys & stats" really get old.  Apple has sold tens of millions of iOS devices.  They won't be going away.   Samsung can sell millions of phones to third world countries and it won't put Apple out of business.   Don't care, don't care, don't care...   this is just fanboi fodder.      How about coming up with some interesting Apple "INSIDER" info...  like when the...
Here is the headline I want to see:   "AppleInsider in talks over new and improved actual rumors about Apple products - including MacBook Pro's and Mac Pro's"   Come on, Intel released the chips, "supplies are constrained"  and not a single peep about anything in quite a while?       I would trade 400 of the stupid "Android vs iPhone market share" articles for one decent half-true rumor about new Macs.    
Maybe Satch you  should just quit buying Apple products if they are so evil?   What kind of computer did you use to post your comments?   I think the only way you going to get around "evil capitalists exploiting the poor"  is to sell all your personal belongings and move to the woods and live off the land.     You can post your next comment with smoke signals.  Or maybe whack two sticks together for morse code?    
Brasil,   Africa called, they would be glad to take a few factories off your hands.   Vietnam is holding on line 2.  Mexico on line 3.   Thanks for playing global economy.       
Unfortunately, CONTROL has already patented the "Cone of Silence".  Including the portable version:  
And now we know the real reason why the wireless carriers hate Apple.  It is not the high upfront costs of subsidizing the hardware costs, they are going to get that back in monthly fees because they have you locked into a contract.  The problem is iPhone users actual use them !
Another totally bogus rumor. Apple has no intention of using any metal or glass in their future case designs. Now that Greenpeace as labeled them "Evil", Apple will switch to cases made from hemp.
I don't think there is any doubt now that Greenpeace singled out Apple because of Apple recent success and growth and position as an industry leader. To have these protests organized and ready to go makes this all seem very planned and orchestrated. To act like Apple is ignoring environmental issues is pretty weak - their plans for the North Carolina and Oregon data centers show they are taken environmental concerns into their plans. If you looked at the massive...
Tim Cook was spotted entering the Vatican today.
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