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OK, being objective - factor in Amazon selling books at a loss. That could qualify as unfair business practices - an attempt to knock other companies out of the e-book market and obtain a monopoly position for themselves - then they control the prices. The US government is currently battling with the Chinese over the Chinese selling solar panels at below cost in attempt to take control of the market and drive competition out. So it works both ways. Competition is...
Is there a Google Insider site I can go to post trollish comments ? Or do people even care enough to start a web site that follows the news and rumors about Google closely and let people make comments? And that is the point - most people just know Google as a search company that pops up annoying ads they tolerate to get search results or a free Gmail account. They tolerate beta products because they are free. Some might notice the Google logo popup on their smartphone...
Google's target is the wall. As in "throw shit on it and see what sticks".
A slow hate day for you?
And just how would buying twitter make any sense for Apple? How is twitter going to make money? Sell ads? Typical Twitterheads.. The lack of business insight and the inability to understand the long-term implications of their actions. Instant gratification. The future of our country is bleak. Go have a $5 cup of coffee at Starbucks and tweet the other sheep all about it. And maybe they will get a pop-up ad for a coupon to save on their next Starbucks.
It's all Bush's fault...
Gruber really sticks his neck out on predictions... "may never see the light of day" Has that guy ever had an original thought? Apple has buildings full of prototypes that never become a shipping product. The rumor game has evolved and Gruber is out of touch. Bribing Apple interns with free beer at Cupertino bars is so last week. These days, any Apple iOS device will have millions of units produced before it is announced. When Apple is ready to release a...
We all need to grow up and learn that we cannot think for ourselves and that big government and the elitists will take care of us, right? Have you ever worked in China? Ever visited there? Ever seen how iPhones are assembled? If Foxconn would give all of its workers a hoodie with an Apple logo on it, then they will quickly get over this stupid idea that working hard will allow them and their families to live a better life. Thanks so much for setting us all straight.
Personally I don't think Apple will release a TV. I think Steve was feeding Isaacson a bit of misleading information. When Steve said he "cracked the Apple TV", that means he threw his iPhone at the screen because he hated the new Apple TV interface so much.
Since it looks like playing a game on the new iPad will not cause you to catch on fire or get burned, it would be nice to know how much battery power remains after playing a game on those systems for one hour? Could you play the same game for two hours on any of those tablets only on battery power? I have my suspicions on what the results would be, but some test results would be nice to have.
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