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So if these displays are harder to manufacture, will they have more bad pixels? I am guessing they will. How noticeable will a single bad pixel at this resolution be? I wonder what Apple's acceptable rate for defective pixels is?
The trolling does not come from East Texas. It is a Federal District Court, not a state court. Most of the plaintiffs are not based in Texas.
This just in... Microsoft announces that they will rename Windows 8 to "the new Windows" Google announces that Gmail will be renamed "the new Gmail beta" Apple has applied for a copyright on the phrase "the new" Proview Technologies released a statement saying "We trademarked the name "the new IPad" and Apple cannot use it."
That is going to be one heck of a line outside the Apple store.
Psychological barrier? "of, pertaining to, dealing with, or affecting the mind, especially as a function of awareness, feeling, or motivation". I think you are giving too much credit - assuming that the buyers would make a clear logical decision based on facts. Any iPad purchase is 95% ego and 5% facts. When people used to save up to buy a product, $500 might have been a price barrier to some, but for most of the people buying iPad's and iPhone's what only matters is...
Plus all the additional costs to put stickers over the name 'iPad' on every unit sold in China.
Apple does not have any significant debt. And more than half their profits are generated overseas. The Chinese have been actually selling off US Treasury notes to diversify their holdings. They still hold quite a large amount of US bonds, but China is more dependent on the US consumer buying their products than we are on the Chinese buying US bonds. The Chinese don't want to destroy the US economy - it will damage their economy more. Maybe when you get old enough to...
"Tell us what you do here at Foxconn"
Apple does not have $100B stuffed in some giant mattress or hidden in a giant shoebox doing nothing. Those funds are in "cash equivalent securities" - something that Apple can easily cash-in - bank notes, government bonds, etc. The issuers of those securities use the money they got from Apple to fund other investments, make loans, etc. That $100B is not sitting idle and unused. It is part of the economy.
By holding the stock while it increases in value is how a shareholder is being rewarded by Apple. If they want to take profits now - and pay taxes on it - a shareholder is free to sell their shares now. For a long-term investor, they can hold the stock and sell it at a future date. Now there is the risk that the stock price might drop, but the trade off is the investor can choose when to sell their stock and incur the tax hit. That might be when they retire, and have a...
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