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It sounds like a commercial made by children, For children. Most Android TV ads you cannot even tell what product they are selling who the company is until they flash the name at the end of the commercial. "Come and get a Samsung phone. There is no waiting in line, because no one wants one"
A thin MacBook base, with a removable iPad acting as the display screen when plugged into the MacBook base, or functioning as a stand alone iPad when removed. If it could be no thicker or heavier than a current MacBook Pro model it would be an interesting option.
With two LED light sources on opposite sides of the screens each unit only has to light half the screen, so they can be run at a lower power. Overall it might drain a little more power than a single light source, but the trade off is it also gives Apple the capability to provide greater brightness overall if desired, and probably a larger dynamic range and more even dispersion.
Just because Apple releases an iPad3 with higher resolution doesn't mean they will quit making the iPad2. With Apple's manufacturing and supply infrastructure, the more they make of a product the cheaper they are to make. The upfront costs of tooling and line setup get amortized out. Expect Apple to keep the iPad2 around at a lower price point. The iPad3 will get higher resolution screens, 4G wireless, and probably more processing power and RAM.
Apple fired him because he had some harsh ideas on security, even for Apple. He kept bugging Tim Cook to buy him a fleet of Predator drones. Too bad Cook did not let him waterboard the Gizmodo dorks.
Apple has sold about 72M phones this year. If it took just one minute to do the recalibration steps for each device before shipping them out, that would be 72,000,000 minutes. That is 50,000 days of time. If the process was only a few minutes, it would probably be incorporated into the testing and burn-in time the device receives at the factory, but because you have to let the battery drain all the way down, it can take hours, even days to complete a recalibration. ...
Maybe he wants a card from China? I know when I travel my nieces and nephews enjoy getting cards from different parts of the world with unusual stamps they like to collect. It would be interesting to see what the postmark is on the cards - where they are sent from. But who am I kidding - the "manufactured in China" means either he is just a toady little troll. or probably an Android user who is mad no one ever sends him a card.
Does this mean all the Android fan boiz will go over to Windows forums and post nonsense about Windows mobile now, instead of trolling here every day? I suspect Windows mobile will grab some market share and remaining around for a while because Microsoft has strong ties with corporate IT, and they receive a $5 subsidy on every Android phone sold. Whatever the outcome, expect a big uptick in "anal-systs" making predictions about smartphone market share and units...
I patented the "zip up to close" gesture.
The minimum wage in the USA is $7.25/ hr which works out to annual salary around $15k. The minimum wage in China varies by region, but works out to $200/mo or less. So figure an annual salary of $1500 of less in China. 10 times lower than in the US. Where is the USA government going to get the money to fund the difference? Incentives and tax breaks are already a huge problem which contribute to our massive federal debt and distorted market forces. If Apple gets a tax...
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