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I saw Larry Page at a garage sale in San Jose looking through old boxes of papers hoping to find any used patents he could score cheap. Later I was watching Antiques Roadshow and Sergey Brin was on with some old patents hoping to find out if they were worth anything. Unfortunately that patent from Herman Hollerith for punch cards is not worth much anymore. But I would not be surprised to see support for punch card scanner added to Android in the near future.
"Can those Angry Birds help me find a washer for my leaky pipe?"
Are there any Kindle rumor sites? What about Google rumor sites?
Do you know anything about the history of Microsoft and how Gates got so rich? Why was the DoJ investigating Microsoft? Why has the EU been investigating Microsoft for so long? Have you ever heard of the "Windows tax"? It is really easy to hand out money when you have ripped it off from someone else. Kind of like the Federal government.
Hutton should get extra time in jail for that pubey look in the photo. Otherwise his 15 minutes of fame is about over. And Apple should be firing someone for losing these iPhones. What kind of idiot leaves a cell phone anywhere? Drunks? And then wouldn't anyone who was given a new prototype to test be extra careful after the past incident with the iPhone4 prototype and Jizzmado? Steve needs to start chaining these prototypes to the testers wrists. And if they...
I did not know Apple had hired Homer Simpson.
Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, or any number of other countries would be happy to have Apple's business. The Chinese are the biggest hypocrites in the world. They will stand there and tell you "Yes" while the whole time they have no intention of anything but "No". They have no problem with stealing intellectual property or ignoring international trade laws. The Chinese "economic revolution" has been funded by American consumers credit cards. It is time for China...
What will they stream, elevator muzac music?
That's very interesting. I am glad you signed up to warn us. Can you tell us which Apple stores those are on the west coast so we can avoid them? Thanks so much for your contribution. You are a valuable member of the fake Apple fans community.
What? Do they have a factory somewhere that cranks out fake Apple stores? Are there fake rumor sites that publish info about when the next fake Apple product will be released or where the next fake Apple store will open? And are there posters on those fake rumor sites whining and complaining about why they will never buy another fake Apple product because the fake Steve Jobs did not announce all the features in the new fake product that they wanted? Maybe there are...
New Posts  All Forums: