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"what if we make a manufacture a few of those A7 chips for you for free and call it even?"   "OK, how about 15 million of them?"
$40M will be barely buy off a handful of politicians these days.  FoxConn is going to have to step up its game.   The AFR-CIO will have demands.  Extended smoke breaks, more time off, and free 10W-40 in all the break rooms.
Sorry, no wood grain finishes.   Skueomorphism is out. It will be in Jony Ive's white kitchen appliance plastic white.   With gold anodized trim. Except for the red one they will make for Bono.
Watches and glasses are not where the market will be with "wearable computing".   The big breakthrough will be when the Android tin foil hat is released.  And the Google Beanie with cloud-source controlled spinning propeller.  
Gartner reports that JD Power's confidence ratings are at an all time low, and JD Powers reports that customer sanctification with Gartner has never been worse.     In other news someone looked in the trash dumpster at a factory in China and determine that iPad mini retina display supplies are "constrained".
 Yes, and he might lead the effort to keep robots from being unfairly discriminated against in the workplace.
Just think how many Roomba's Apple will need for the new giant spaceship building?   Let me be the first to use "iRobot" in a comment, just to get that out of the way.
 Exactly...   possibly poor choice by the ad agency, but it does look like an edit in process.  Just hit ENTER. AppleInsider has been on a downward spiral for a while.  All these "Editorial" term papers have become a joke.   I wish he would hurry up and finish his degree.
I am waiting on the wearable Apple TV with a curved glass screen in a gold case.
I could care less about protecting Apple.  The guy was being a jerk.  As are you.    There is no argument.  If he wanted to "debate" he would have posted a comment about Blackberry, which the article was about.  Not off-topic flames.  
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