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I would like to investigate all the "analysts" and media people who report on Apple to see how many of them have illegal immigrants working for them.  Who cuts their yard?  Who cleans their house?  Who does their laundry?   Do they pay them minimum wage?  Provide healthcare benefits?  Report their earning to the IRS and pay unemployment taxes?
They will be busy taking down all the Mac products and accessories and removing them to make room for the new Apple TV and iWatch displays.   Also, in some stores the Genius Bar will be expanded to include a "SubGenius" section.
 Your life sounds miserable.   You have my sympathy.   I hope you were at least one of the six who got registered for Obamacare.
"Wearable devices are fast becoming the next key battleground for consumer electronics companies"   LMAO.   The only people who believe this are the "All Things Digital" silicon valley posers who are so desperate to stay relevant with the "next big thing".   Smartphone and tablets have quickly become commodity items like personal computers.  That does not get many web hits.  Only fan bois are desperate for gadgets like this that will end up in a box in  their closet next...
"Big Hands, I know you are the one..."
Well that is definitely a reason to sell all your Apple stock. And get rid of all you iOS devices and replace them with Android ones..
Now Jack, he is a banker And Jane, baby she is a clerk And both of them save their money, honey When they come home from work Sittin' there by the fire The radio does play the classical music there, kid The march of the wooden soldiers And you can, you can hear Jack say You know he saying, "Sweet Jane Ooh baby, Sweet Jane Ah yes Sweet Jane...          
Icahn does have some valid points.  And the shareholders do own Apple.   But there is a difference in being an investor and a speculator.   Wall Street used to be about investing in companies for long-term growth and investment returns, not making a quick buck on the movement of the stock price up or down.   I wonder if Icahn would be willing to accept a buyback plan that stipulates shareholders with a large stake in Apple to be required to hold their stock for one...
Okay Timmy. How about a $150B stock buyback?   Timmaaah?   Come on . You are breaking my balls Timmy! You are breaking my balls.    Timmaaah !  Timmaaah Timmaah Timmah !       Carl Icahn = Libbin a Lie !
Wall Street Analysts and media people who attended the Apple event....  hmmm.   If you watched the streaming video feed of the show and saw the people in the audience it would just re-enforce the idea that those people are a bunch of d-bag posers.  As in "All Things D-Bag".      And if you looked close you could have spotted the "Double D's" - those media types who have also tried to get rich off of writing stories and books about Steve Jobs.   They are not in any...
New Posts  All Forums: