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 yeah it will match my grille work and chains...
 Hasn't he finished his term papers yet?   
Are there really Apple investors who are worried?   Or is it really speculators, analysts and the press who are just foaming at the mouth?   AppleInsider has gotten so full of  this crap I almost don't visit here anymore.   This used to be a decent website.  
Don't give the analysts too much credit. The switch to a 64-bit A7 possibly fabbed by TSMC had zero factor in the stock price predictions from these clowns. They are all about making money on the movement of the stock price over short periods of time not about the value of the company and its stock over an extended investment period.
China Labor Watch should be under investigation for not paying their workers. From the 2012 annual report: Donations We are grateful for the support of almost 60 individual donators in 2012, most hailing from Europe and North America. Their donations have allowed us to investigate more factories and assist more workers in defending their rights. Board of Directors Dorothy J. Solinger, professor of political science at the University of California at Irvine William J....
How did they smuggle that part out ?
Yes, customers were demanding more power for their personal devices, and the new device will come in an array of colors...      
I am waiting for the first camera designed for "Selfies Only" photography.  With only one button - takes your picture and immediately uploads it to your Facebook page.  What else would anyone ever need?
Well it's a Win-Win deal. But not for Microsoft or Nokia.
Any performance numbers need to have power efficiency factored in when talking about iOS devices. Is it 31% faster with the same battery drain? It could just be an A6X produced on TSMC's 20nm fab processes instead of Samsung's 32nm. That would be a good way to get started with a new fab partner - give them an existing established design and focus on working out the kinks in production not rolling out a totally new design. A totally new design with 64-bit, more CPU...
New Posts  All Forums: