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Well it's a Win-Win deal. But not for Microsoft or Nokia.
Any performance numbers need to have power efficiency factored in when talking about iOS devices. Is it 31% faster with the same battery drain? It could just be an A6X produced on TSMC's 20nm fab processes instead of Samsung's 32nm. That would be a good way to get started with a new fab partner - give them an existing established design and focus on working out the kinks in production not rolling out a totally new design. A totally new design with 64-bit, more CPU...
  Really, Apple based the design of the iPad mini on the size of a pants pocket.?  SURE.  What rumor sites have you been smoking?   Give me some of that Mango Kush, Blueberry Haze, or Appleinsider hybrid.   California..  Levis, Apple, and medicinal weed.  
Well he has the hairstyle and stylish looks to fit in, but Levi's? While they have a strong brand image like Apple, their retail strategy has been nothing special.
Well at least someone can innovate. Too bad Apple can't recognize that there are a lot of people who would use a stylus with an iPad, just like they originally failed to recognize that people would play games on iPhones and iPad. In the later Newton versions, digitizer support and handwriting recognition were actually pretty good. If Apple put half the effort they have into Siri they could add decent stylus and handwriting recognition in iOS and still maintain all the...
Increasing the stock buy-back has the effect of rewarding recent investors such as Icahn, as much as it does long-term Apple stock holders. Apple's cash reserves were built up over an extended period. Not just since Icahn made his big purchases. While Icahn has done nothing illegal, and any other investor (who had the funds) could do the same thing, I don't think that Apple should change its plans for Icahn. What this article does not seem to mention is that a lot of...
That is great news.  Now my ObamaPhone does not have to be Android.  Woo hoo !
Analysts Viewed as Better of Focusing on Something they Know... Like including napkins and a straw with every order, and asking the customer if they want ketchup with their fries. Or how to perform a clean-up in Aisle 4, or perform a price check on Folger's coffee.
Thank goodness, Apple finally hired someone to decided how big the lapels will be on MacBooks this season, and whether stripes or solids is the spring look.
Did not even bother to read it. This continuous stream of garbage articles coming out of AppleInsider is disappointing.  It is not why I started coming to this site.  There used to be some interesting rumors and technical info, but all these articles about Apple failing, or not failing, or how many Android phones got sold, or what Microsoft screwed up has gotten old.  There is no more "inside Apple", the name should be changed from AppleInsider, to Johnny Junior...
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