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I just want my Okama Gamesphere.
And somewhere on a remote Pacific island there are Japanese WW2 veterans who are still holding out.
Haters gonna hate...     Don't care, don't care, don't care.   We just want our Okama Gamesphere back...
I confess, drinking Super-sized soft drinks gets me hopped up and makes me want to steal smartphones.
When they finally invent a transporter like they have in Star Trek, the first trial runs will be between France and San Francisco.
Same thinness, more battery.  
Apple has offered a comprise.     To make more room for the fountain they will shrink the Union Square store by making it the first Apple store without a Genius Bar.   Rumor websites that track Apple closely reported that there could be more to this move by Apple, noting that online job listings that have never been filled show the company had been unable to find anyone capable of filling the Genius positions in San Francisco.  
Palomino !  Pal amino !   Had to use my safe word,  this whole story and the comments it generates is about to make me die laughing.   San Francisco is a great town to visit.   
  Except the Vietnam War was not over in 1973.  It lasted until 1975.   I was around at the time.
Good for San Francisco.  Stand up for what is important.   Apple could open a new store in downtown Austin instead.   I bet Texas would be glad to have it, along with more Apple offices, employees, and the new Mac manufacturing that Tim Cook is talking about.
New Posts  All Forums: