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It may be backwards to you but he has just described practically every large multinational company.
Basic content creation, for example PowerPoint presentations, or even just heavy duty email and calendaring in Outlook such are copying & pasting sections or text, dragging and dropping attachments etc. All things that are technically possible on an iPad but are much slower than using a laptop due to the lack of mouse and multi windows. The Surface Pro is less of a compromise in this regard and you still have the ability to use it as a tablet if you just want to read...
I wouldn't say the Surface Pro is a consumer device. I see them in corporate environments, and they are normally being used for real work rather than iPads which are typically just being used as an e-reader. 
Reworked from what, it's the first iteration of the product?!
There is nothing wrong with Apple's wording. It is your initial statement:"Apple advices you to have 32GB of RAM while the maximum you could have with the 21.5 inch iMac is 16GB of RAM" Where in the Apple's statement does it say you should have 32GB of RAM? It states if you would like, or have a requirement for, 32GB of RAM you should configure the system with a 2TB or larger fusion drive for best performance rather than just using the 1TB fusion drive.
But they will in just a few hours, as stated in the article.
Still very difficult to get a 6s Plus in a UK Apple store. As an example at the moment I can reserve an iPhone 6s, Space Grey, 64MB for pickup today in just about every Apple store in the UK. Not one store has the equivalent 6s Plus.
What were Apple thinking iFixit would do with the unit in the first place? Of all the developers Apple could have sent it to, iFixit must be one of the least deserving.
I didn't think the post was that cryptic. Given that copper is currently cheap are Apple actually using that metal to provide the colouring, the substance used to actually colour real rose gold, or are they just using some, even cheaper, non-metal colouring.
Rumor on a product that will be announced in about 53 weeks is last minute?
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