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I'm only seeing 4 core CPUs, which one has 8 cores?
They have a lot of margin in their top end phones, it's the low end junk they sell that brings their overall margins down.
The haptic feedback is impressive, not so sure about the force click though - I know many people turn that off.
4k decoding isn't too bad using silicon, just don't do it with a generic cpu.Do you realise that Netflix already stream 4k over the Internet? 3D was a gimmick, just a resolution change from 2k to 4k is also a bit of a gimmick but combined with high dynamic range and increased colour gamut makes a big difference. Unfortunately we are still waiting for industry standards to be defined.
 I passed it too. It was driving quite slowly, as if it was recording but all the sensors were covered up - maybe just a forward facing camera was in operation.
Luckily you can just purchase the charger on its own. Shame it's only available in a 5W version.
I didn't even imply it, I stated I was making a stereotypical sweeping generalisation. The British aren't going to write /s, it would be at the end of every sentence.
I'm not sure how you know where all the posts are coming from given that most don't put a location in their profile? Given that you seem to like stereotypical sweeping generalisations I suspect you take the posts from UK people at face value rather than understanding the implied sarcasm, something that people in US people don't understand. 
Why the concern? The iPhone 6 is already a massive improvement over the 5s in terms of battery life.
If Skylake MBPs were coming soon then Apple wouldn't have bothered with today's refresh.
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