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I'm not sure how you know where all the posts are coming from given that most don't put a location in their profile? Given that you seem to like stereotypical sweeping generalisations I suspect you take the posts from UK people at face value rather than understanding the implied sarcasm, something that people in US people don't understand. 
Why the concern? The iPhone 6 is already a massive improvement over the 5s in terms of battery life.
If Skylake MBPs were coming soon then Apple wouldn't have bothered with today's refresh.
I guess they wouldn't be able to do so in a regulated medium but it seems you can post any old rubbish on Twitter with no come back.
You are not wrong. The trackpad on the current Lenovo T440s that we use at work is possibly the worst piece of technology I've used in a long time.
Toyota are supporting CarPlay, they just have no immediate plans to introduce it.
The sound systems are ok but the Nav is poor and hugely expensive too. Lexus are still stuck in the past when you can charge £2k for a nav system in a car. These days everybody's smartphone can to a better job. Just give up, provide a screen and let Apple what they are good at.
Isn't this the whole point of CarPlay? Let Toyota concentrate on the car and Apple can do the infotainment system.
Given that Apple has the highest market cap of any company it is obvious that if an institution wants to hold a certain percentage of Apple then that position is going to be worth more than for other company positions it holds.   It is also no surprise that institutions are increasing their positions given the uptrend on Apple's stock price of late and the recent analyst upgrades.
You are from the UK but cannot detect sarcasm?
New Posts  All Forums: