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although stopping people waste their money the LEGO Movie is in the consumer interest :)
If you are an audiophile the last thing you want is to listen through the crappy D/A converter and amp inside the iPhone. Much better to have the digital stream come out of the lightening connector and go to an external headphone DAC and amplifier.
I think fine is stretching it a bit, it runs okay but can bog down at times. Just because a phone runs well under one release doesn't mean it will run fine with the next, the iPhone 4 ran iOS 6 fine but is truly awful with iOS 7. To me I feel the jump between iOS 7 to 8 will be bigger than with 6 to 7. 7 wasn't much more than just a UI update, 8 will provide more inter-application communication and other features which will be demanding on the CPU. My worry is Apple won't...
 Profits can't be that good, it takes a lot of R&D to get headphones to sound that bad. 
 at least the gap has closed. The MBA had a $100 and £100 drop today so the UK had the better deal, although this is just down to the GBP strengthening against USD over the last coupe of months. Apple need to lower the prices of their other products, the 15% mark-up as you call it on the MBA is over 19% on the entry iMac for example.
nice drop on the refurb prices too.
That will depend if it ships straight away. Amazon could have a 6+ month lead. If Amazon get a third party app that gives AirPlay functionality and then a lot of business sales of ATV disappear. Companies want a single device to be able to support both Apple and Android devices to stream presentations.
I don't like the use of an external power supply. One of the best design features of the ATV is the built-in PSU. Remote seems to be bluetooth not IR. Not so great for people with certain Harmony remotes that only support IR.
I feel that Apple dropped the ball here. They sat back, not introducing new features such as gaming, which has allowed Amazon to step in.
 When I purchase from iTunes / Mac App Store in the UK I get an invoice from Lux. not IrelandiTunes S.à r.l.
New Posts  All Forums: