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Philips don't technically make or sell TVs at all any more. They sold most of the their TV business a couple of years ago and this year agreed to sell their remaining stake but have a licensing agreement for their name to be used. At CES they were showing new TVs using Android so seems odd they would be hooking up with Apple too.
Unfortunately Apple still feels it is fine to sell the iPhone 5c with 8GB of storage!
After the disaster that is iOS 7 on an iPhone 4 I'm not going to risk iOS 8 on an iPhone 4s, especially since Apple don't provide a way to roll back.
I've had dropped calls when answering and also unable to browse media (the button doesn't even show up) on my Lexus. If I have a podcast already 'now playing' on the phone then the system will pick it up and play but once you get to the end there is no way to select something else.
no the 6 plus is thicker than the 6
I would have expected the previously rumoured 1810mAh battery to compensate for the extra screen size so hopefully this new size will bring some actual benefit in terms of battery life. Certainly larger screen sizes don't use up all additional battery power, one reason why large screen Android phones are much better than the iPhone in terms of battery life.
The £ has strengthened over the last 12 months against $, until today Apple was only making pricing adjustments as and when new products came out.
although stopping people waste their money the LEGO Movie is in the consumer interest :)
If you are an audiophile the last thing you want is to listen through the crappy D/A converter and amp inside the iPhone. Much better to have the digital stream come out of the lightening connector and go to an external headphone DAC and amplifier.
I think fine is stretching it a bit, it runs okay but can bog down at times. Just because a phone runs well under one release doesn't mean it will run fine with the next, the iPhone 4 ran iOS 6 fine but is truly awful with iOS 7. To me I feel the jump between iOS 7 to 8 will be bigger than with 6 to 7. 7 wasn't much more than just a UI update, 8 will provide more inter-application communication and other features which will be demanding on the CPU. My worry is Apple won't...
New Posts  All Forums: