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Microsoft had a patch, but they also have a monthly patch cycle demanded by their business clients. Microsoft asked for a 2 day extension so the patch would be available when announced but Google went ahead and released the information anyway. For a company that just lives in a continuous Beta cycle maybe it is ok to just dump out patches whenever. For a company that is supporting real businesses that isn't a good model - one reason I'd never use Google services in a...
hopefully everybody!
Still semi-irresponsible though. You would normally give the vendor much more time to push out a fix, now everybody knows where to look. If after several months of no action then hint at the issue to put pressure on the vendor to fix, but not after just two weeks.
I'd say it is more than just 'generally considered to be a good idea'.
I'm not sure it is AMD's product that is failing. More likely to be poor motherboard design (heat) or assembly issues (poor solder) which cause the connections to fail.
Apple's policy is that a single dead or stuck pixel isn't a 'fault'
You are missing the ugly power brick that is required to make the NUC work.
Philips don't technically make or sell TVs at all any more. They sold most of the their TV business a couple of years ago and this year agreed to sell their remaining stake but have a licensing agreement for their name to be used. At CES they were showing new TVs using Android so seems odd they would be hooking up with Apple too.
Unfortunately Apple still feels it is fine to sell the iPhone 5c with 8GB of storage!
After the disaster that is iOS 7 on an iPhone 4 I'm not going to risk iOS 8 on an iPhone 4s, especially since Apple don't provide a way to roll back.
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