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Really? So you are using around 4.3GB given that you had around 14GB usable space to start with. An 8GB model would be down to around 1.7GB. How's that update to iOS 7.1 working out, considering it needs 1.9GB to install. For the mainly non-tech audience that an 8GB phone would be aimed at, they aren't going to be managing their storage space just to apply a minor software upgrade.
Don't give the government any ideas. 20% is already too much :(
I wonder if it is slow by design or incompetence. Excel running on Windows 7 as a virtual machine in VMware Fusion is noticeably faster than the native OSX version on the same system.
Microsoft don't have to 'allow' Android apps to run under Windows. It's an open platform, anybody can write an emulator or create a VM environment with no involvement from Microsoft. I assume the article is implying that Microsoft is itself developing this ability, either as a standalone application or directly within the OS?
what does lack of internal expandability have to do with a repairability score?
Intel CEO stated just the other day that production starts in this quarter and shipping H2CY14. There may be some Broadwell models that won't ship until next year but I'm sure the Mini would only use the standard mass-market models which should be delivered this year.
 Maybe not when it is first released, but currently it is expensive for its out-of-date specification. At this point Apple might as well wait for Broadwell to become available from Intel unless they plan to speed up the refresh cycle on the Mini. Otherwise in a couple of months it will be architecturally out-of-date again.
13% and 8% YoY is hardly an overinflated prediction within the smartphone and tablet growth markets
It does seem that way, however looking at the Amazon Kindle Fire article is looks like LTPS would be the technology to go for.
 So the display is very expensive, the batteries are expensive and the external case is expensive compared to the iPhone yet Apple are able to sell the iPad, and make good margin, cheaper than the iPhone - and people claim the iPhone isn't overpriced.
New Posts  All Forums: