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 you can have all the money in the world but if you want a phone of that form factor you certainly can't get one from Apple
such a shame Apple doesn't allow the user to customise Control Center
 I would say you are correct when talking about phones in the hands for consumers but the 5c seems to be over stocked at retailers so a large portion of the sales of the 5c were just into the channel. Plenty of reports over the opening weekend from retailers stating they sold hardly any, if at all. For the 5s it sold out so the number into the channel is the same as the number sold to consumers.
 You can! Settings > General > Restrictions allows you to turn icons on or off for these services.  The ATV interface, somewhat like Windows 8, is not intuitive.
I would think anything less than 6M would be a bit of a let down considering Apple are launching in more countries this year. Hopefully they have stock to actually forfill the lines. In the UK there were reports of stock running out long before the initial line was served.   Carriers in the UK are now quoting 4 to 6 weeks lead time for Gold and Silver 5s in all capacities. Not sure too many people will bother ordering and just try and pick one up in store over the next...
 5S a bargain or 5C is expensive? 5C seems expensive to me - iPod touch 32GB $299, iPhone 5C 32GB $649. $350 extra to add in phone functionality!
 That is like saying Apple should only sell one notebook, the top end BTO rMBP as that provides the most revenue. Whilst you would have to sell 3 times the number in your example you also have to consider that the person who was willing to spend £100 on a phone probably isn't willing to spend £300, so you are increasing your revenues by attracting new customers which were priced out of the iPhone. The trick is to provide enough differentiation between the models so the...
Yes you can. The Mac mini has good margins which is cheap compared to an iMac. A MacBook was cheap compared to a MBP. The iPod nanos have always had good margins. Wall Street wasn't looking for a cheap iPhone with low margins. They were looking for a iPhone which would be competitive in the mid-tier smartphone market, providing Apple with growth by entering a new segment.
 for geeks yes but not the general public. I know many people who have moved from one platform to the other. I don't think platform loyalty between iOS and Android is anywhere near as strong as OSX and Windows.
I find the pre-order situation odd. People know what they are getting with the 5s as it looks the same as the older 5, if they are sold on the new technology inside then the decision is made and so they would be happy to pre-order.   For the 5c I would have thought most people would want to wait and see them in the flesh before purchasing. How nice is the plastic, is it comfortable to hold, how bright are those colours etc? I think the 5c will sell, but it will be a slow...
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