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The S4s that I have noticed have the official view cover on them
Yes I'm aware of the BTO. I'm making the assumption that the BTO will be like the base model in that compared to the 2012 models no performance increase, just better battery life.   I currently have the 2012 2GHz i7 BTO, the new one is 1.7GHz which will probably give the same performance but with better battery life. I'm fine with my current battery life, would be nice if the user could choose so they can decide if they want extra performance or better battery life.   8GB...
from my point of view I see no reason to upgrade from my 2012 MBA as I would like more CPU performance and memory capacity. Would have been nice to have an option for a more powerful cpu which retained the 2012 battery life performance.
unfortunately not.
3.5" drives aren't going to fit. It has the same width and depth as an Apple TV.
if the MPB stays the same I can only see Apple justifying this with a price reduction.
maybe there isn't the capacity from the existing suppliers to increase production of A chips. Move to off the shelf silicon for the new phone so it doesn't impact the higher end products and it also provides more supplier choice (away from Samsung)
  The fact is that there are some people that purchase Apple products just for the 'cool' factor. I've met a few of them in my time. I certainly don't think it is the majority though.
  It seems without a touch interface Windows 8 on a desktop is a bit hit and miss, changing things just for change sake rather than improving user experience or productivity. But that is nothing compared to Windows Server 2012 - can somebody please explain why you need the Metro interface on a server?
  At the very least it will take sales away from Apple's own retail and online stores and therefore affects Apple's overall profit.
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