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correct, their premise is the extra 3M was made up of 5c phones sitting on shelves rather than there being any extra demand.
There was no suggestion of channel stuffing the 5s, that sold out - all inventory that went into the channel was sold on to end customers so the 'shipped' and 'sold' figures are one in the same. The channel stuffing suggestion was all around the 5c.
The reason Android phones went large in the first place was so a larger battery could be used to get around the problem of poor battery life. Battery life still seems to be an issue because they aren't able to produce a 'mini' version without slowing down the processor and removing memory etc.
Given Apple would never lower the price I would at least expect the CPU speed to be increased to justify the cost. For a machine which first launched at a relatively competitive price, now 10 months down the road just looks uncompetitive. If Haswell hasn't been available at the price point or quantities that Apple wants up until this point then they should have refreshed the MBP a few months ago with 802.11ac, PCIe SSD and a clock speed increase. Then introduce Haswell...
How is your decision to replace a machine related to how often Apple should refresh their product?
The MBP should be getting a twice yearly update to keep it competitive, if this was the case then a delay such as thunderbolt 2 wouldn't be such an impact. We basically have the situation where people has been putting off a purchase for many months now. The vast majority of MBPs I see are 13" models used by corporate users, the only thunderbolt accessory they use is a VGA adapter. Just release an updated 13" now without TB2.
I find it interesting that Apple continues to heavily push the 5c on their web site. For the last three weeks when you visit their home page you get the 5c in your face. If you pause you will see the 5s but I would have thought they would want to promote their top of the range phone first. 
 I have the misfortune to use Vodafone in the UK which has an appalling 3G network, most of the time I have to turn it off to save battery and avoid phone calls being dropped however when I need data I toggle it on. I also use VPN quite often so would like that to be in control center rather than 3 menus deep. I don't use calculator that often, I'd rather have weather. Unlike others who have commented, I use airplane mode every day so I wouldn't want that to go away. The...
 you can have all the money in the world but if you want a phone of that form factor you certainly can't get one from Apple
such a shame Apple doesn't allow the user to customise Control Center
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