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there is no question all the iPhones are priced purely based on what Apple thinks people are willing to pay rather than a fair margin on top of the cost to manufacture. The problem with that approach is that people are wising up, there are alternatives out there now which are just as good and no body likes to be ripped off. There is no possible way an 32GB iPhone 5c should cost $350 more than a 32GB iPod touch - radios, antennas and a proximity sensor don't cost that much....
4S and 5 are both really poor for battery life, my old 4 was much better. The biggest benefit for Apple producing a bigger screened iPhone would be so they can fit in a larger battery. Having a phone that can last all day shouldn't be too much to ask.
 that may be the case but it is Apple's loss, not the BBC, that iPlayer doesn't exist on ATV. It would be the number 1 reason to purchase an ATV in the UK if this was available. iPlayer is used by millions of people in the UK, mainly on PCs at the moment but as already stated most smart TVs, games consoles and other STBs all provide iPlayer.
Originally Posted by Curtis Hannah  I just wonder, do these problems happen with android?   you aren't going to get a shock holding a plastic phone
I guess because of margins. Apple has already admitted that the margins on the mini are lower than their other products so they probably cannot lower the price further - just because the product is coming up for a year old doesn't automatically mean it is now substantially cheaper to manufacture. A different model would give them the ability to introduce changes which positively impact their margins, through cheaper/different components or different manufacturing...
I wonder if we will see Apple making design compromises in the future to try and mitigate the lack of safety regulations in the countries that they sell products in? In a 'what is the worst that can happen' discussion I'm sure having mains voltage being present on the dock connector ground/shielding, making the part of the frame live, would be quite high up on the list. Not having a metal frame which the user holds would massively reduce the risk of a fatal shock being...
Yes Apple can charge what they like and on a £600 iPhone having a spare charger at £15 seems inline however you are dealing with a situation where iPhones are 'sold' new for £0, with a carrier contract, to people who wouldn't normally spend £600 on a phone. Apple are dealing with a different class of consumer to what they are previously use to.   Also given the quantities of phones sold, Apple are dealing with a much larger user base than they ever did before. The...
Talk about baseless. Where is your proof that the controller chip costs Apple $2.50?   The fact that you can purchase genuine Samsung usb chargers for under £5, with Samsung, distributor, retailer and government all taking their cut shows that COGS costs are not high. Tear down and testing done actually show the Samsung charger is as good, if not better, than the Apple one.
I agree but Apple don't help themselves here. Even with the quality design and components that Apple use, an iPhone charger is still only costing them a few pence to manufacture. Instead of adding 1000%+ markup just make a decent 100%, give the retailer 100% and sell it for £5, not the current £15 that they want to charge. That would massively reduce the number of people willing to take a chance on a third party product.
The S4s that I have noticed have the official view cover on them
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