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13% and 8% YoY is hardly an overinflated prediction within the smartphone and tablet growth markets
It does seem that way, however looking at the Amazon Kindle Fire article is looks like LTPS would be the technology to go for.
 So the display is very expensive, the batteries are expensive and the external case is expensive compared to the iPhone yet Apple are able to sell the iPad, and make good margin, cheaper than the iPhone - and people claim the iPhone isn't overpriced.
iOS 7 runs like a dog on my daughter's iPhone 4. She would love to go back to iOS 6 and have a device that isn't frustrating to use. There certainly is no excuse for stopping downgrades for wifi only devices such as the iPod touch or wifi only iPads. It becomes a little more problematic with cellular device due to baseband firmware but nothing insurmountable.
Unfortunately for the guy, if Apple fixes this issue he would have to download and install an update 
It isn't just that one. Have a couple of friends that have the same issue and there are a lot of complaints on Apple's community forums. My 4s bogs down every now and then which it didn't do on iOS 6. My iPad 2 isn't too bad, although you close the cover and it takes about 3 seconds before you hear the lock sound. Hopefully Apple will release an upgrade to improve performance on older devices.
I guess that would depend if you are stupid enough to sign up to a really expensive plan. My daughter has a £7.50 per month plan and wants a 5c but not at £480. Her iPhone 4 should have been good for another year or so but iOS 7 has turned that into something with all the responsiveness as a cheap Android phone. Will probably end up getting a second hand 4s or 5 from eBay once all the 5s upgraders have their new phones and the market becomes flooded.
correct, their premise is the extra 3M was made up of 5c phones sitting on shelves rather than there being any extra demand.
There was no suggestion of channel stuffing the 5s, that sold out - all inventory that went into the channel was sold on to end customers so the 'shipped' and 'sold' figures are one in the same. The channel stuffing suggestion was all around the 5c.
The reason Android phones went large in the first place was so a larger battery could be used to get around the problem of poor battery life. Battery life still seems to be an issue because they aren't able to produce a 'mini' version without slowing down the processor and removing memory etc.
New Posts  All Forums: