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"just" tried it at 8:51 PM EST Worked at advertised, sending a 4 digit code to my iPhone
SO, AFTER the hacker logs into your iCloud account, (and now having access to your iCloud emails) they just wait for the email to arrive in your iCloud inbox, and delete it.   Did I get this right, or am I mistaken?
Ha !!   Mavericks is So Yesterday !!   Been running Yosemite Beta since last Thursday, on two machines (2009 Mac Mini and Late 2012 iMac 27) with barely a hiccup.   Love It !!!
The iPad has ALWAYS been about New Users. Apple tapped into this "Brand New Vertical", when the iPad was initially released. I wrote this very post on 2/3/2010: *** WHY [will] the iPad will be a HUGE SUCCESS and truly change the way people use "mobile" computers. It's 100% the Operating System and the User Interface. Complete computer illiterate's will be able to pick one up and just use it. The iPhone and iPod installed base is just a small piece of the market. And...
 Try A hard reboot holding both buttons down Until the Apple icon Shows. Then again, maybe your iPhone 5 is just simply busted !!!      ...ever think of that??   ... > that your iPhone is simply broken <   It does happen you know. All electronics, are no 100% equal, 100% of the time
Truth be told, I was having some of those flaky issues BEFORE the latest OSX (10.9.2) and Apple TV update (6.0.2)   Only Sound worked at times No Connection Connection would time out Unusable at times.   All Fixed and working buttery smooth Now !!, ....for me.
That is one BIG ASS Time Capsule for one SMALL ASS mouse.   Guess the other crap in there is 100% garbage.
Six Issue's down, about a Dozen or more, to go. .....Because there are A LOT of Issues (outright Bugs, Not feature loss) with the New iMovie 10
Ahhhh !!   The Quality and Cachet, of "Made In America"   9 to 5 work hours 1 Hour Paid Lunch 3 - 20 minute breaks 2 Inspectors to every worker   ....this ain't no Chinese labor, ya know with their 18 hour work days, sleep in the back, can-do approach
Kudos to the fake pictures !!   That Photoshop work was extremely convincing
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