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Whoa. I'm surprised they manage to sell any watches at that price.  Is this basically just to favor domestic companies? Would it matter if Apple opened a larger operation or subsidiary in Brazil, or would it always be considered an foreign company.
Why is the base sport model so much more expensive?
Very few people speak as the public face of Apple. Tim Cook, Jony Ive, Phil Schiller, Eddy Cue... and that's about it. And even they don't say much. Jony rarely says anything about the business of Apple itself, more about general design philosophy. Phil Schiller basically talks up how obsessively detailed it was to make this project or that, still without going into actual details. Eddy Cue seems to gives the widest ranging interviews, occasionally throwing out a...
 I don't even know what to say about this. Public companies do quarterly reports. There's a schedule to it. Does he not trust anything with a schedule?
 There's even rumors that Intel will produce the A10. They've been working on a super LTE chip integration that is designed to be used as a part of a system on chip and work nicely with their 10nm process. 
Love these so much. 15 seconds, set a unique fashionable tone, show a blip of the functionality on an Apple Watch that works the best (built-in stuff, not 3rd party), and they're out. They seriously look like the live action version of a Vogue magazine ad.
I'm surprised anyone can criticize this. Tim is the CEO and if there's anyone from Apple who is going to forge a relationship with the Chinese president, it really needs to be him. These types of personal relationships are invaluable, especially in the current business environment in China where western companies quickly find themselves on the wrong side of an arbitrarily applied regulation or censorship request or copyright infringement.
I would love to know Apple's grand plan for HealthKit. Clearly they're doing this for a purpose far beyond the consumer market... something akin to being the defacto electronic health record for each person as they move through any medical system. I just have a hard time picturing the steps required to get from "app on my phone" to "thing every doctor and hospital and pharmacy and therapist uses and can interface with"
I'm not sure what the point of this would be. No existing headphones would be compatible with this smaller jack, so why not go 100% different? Unless... maybe all new Apple / Beats headphones will have this new plug and the new headphones will be backwards compatible with old phones/laptops, even if the new phones/laptops are not backwards compatible with old headphones.
It looks great. That said, it makes me a little uncomfortable to see Apple push even farther into luxury territory and away from their traditional Upper Middle Class positioning. Apple used to be brand-peers with Starbucks / Volkswagen / Crate and Barrel and now they're seem to want to be peers with Mercedes / Coach / Burberry.   In style, fancier is not always better. Ultimately, style is about using visual cues to set boundaries, saying who's in and who's out. And I...
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