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I'm not sure what the point of this would be. No existing headphones would be compatible with this smaller jack, so why not go 100% different? Unless... maybe all new Apple / Beats headphones will have this new plug and the new headphones will be backwards compatible with old phones/laptops, even if the new phones/laptops are not backwards compatible with old headphones.
It looks great. That said, it makes me a little uncomfortable to see Apple push even farther into luxury territory and away from their traditional Upper Middle Class positioning. Apple used to be brand-peers with Starbucks / Volkswagen / Crate and Barrel and now they're seem to want to be peers with Mercedes / Coach / Burberry.   In style, fancier is not always better. Ultimately, style is about using visual cues to set boundaries, saying who's in and who's out. And I...
That's some good doubling down on secrecy!  I would have assumed they were barely started. 
I love my EarPods and also would welcome a more sealed in-ear version. I've bought lots of headphones and you have to spend at least $200 to get something that sounds better. For $25, EarPods are a ridiculously good pair of earphones. Totally underrated.
Readability is about more than size. It has a lot to do with letterforms being distinct and having all the nice little cues that tip off your subconscious about which letter is which. Typing something in all caps will be "larger", but it will also be less readable because uppercase letters are more similar to each other compared to lower case letters. 
iCloud already does this for existing iPhones, right?
It's not *as* crazy as it would be to build an internal combustion car. Electric cars are in many ways closer to being large electronics than they are traditional cars. And Apple's biggest stregnth, arguably, is industrial design and mechanical engineering. Compared to its recent software UX issues, Apple's industrial design has always been immaculate, absolutely best-of-the-best, with very few problems (considering they get only one chance to get it perfect, where...
 Apple was the underdog, so there were people rooting for them. Now, Apple is on top and people want to see them crash and burn just like anyone or anything that gets to the top in America. We build things up and then we try to tear them down. If Apple is going to maintain goodwill and not be seen as "The Man" or even worse, a boring soulless corporation, it wouldn't hurt to let people see behind the curtain a little. Elon Musk is a total weirdo, but people love him...
That would actually cause me to vote republican, which is saying a lot. 
Just saw a Samsung ad on TV. The tagline was "it's not a phone, it's a Galaxy". I just... they have no shame.
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